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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hennessy New Bottle Launching at Doubletree Hilton

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Henessy V.S.O.P closes in on the middle of the year with a new bottle design, it's not just new , it was made to revolutionize and build the future!

Former BMW Chief Designer Chris Bangle was roped in to create this new bottle design, while analyzing each and everyone of the previous bottles and the philosophy Hennessy V.S.O.P revolves around, a new futuristic bottle was create without damaging any of the core essence.

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012

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Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth both needed this movie to part ways with their trophy roles of Bella Swan from the twilight sagas and Thor from Thor and the Avengers. Let's just say, they really need to start auditioning for other movies because this one wasn't the one that liberated them. But just to be fair, Kristen did try very hard so perhaps in other movies she would be better. 

Charlize Theron, might be a favorite of many despite being the evil queen in this movie. She somehow disappointed me, perhaps she was not evil enough, or perhaps she was suppose to be a lonely vengeful spirit searching for eternal spirit to begin it. I simply did not feel a strong enough role from her but maybe, i was really asking too much. 

I shall use a broad Axe this time!
What's it about:
Taking yet another different twist to some of our fondest fairy tale stories. Snow white and the huntsmen took the same character which was "Snow white" and the evil stepmother/queen and put them into a different universe.

One which is filled with great magic and enchanted creatures

Snow White struggles to stand up against the queen who took over her rightful place as the heir to the throne.

Mirror Mirror, why you no lie to me?
What I would say about it:
The movie DID have it's moment of intensity and build up, but it went spiraling 360 degrees after the first 20 mins.

The uneven and contradicting story flow made it one of the most draggy movie I have watched in a very very long time. It is a huge disappointment to see such good visual effects go to waste.

Everything you see from the trailer, that is just about how exciting the movie will be, the story was so predictable that if you walked out half way, you would still be able to tell people what happened. 

There was just too many elements that they wanted to put in the movie and it ended up either being too long to explain or too short to be noticed.

Best example would be the random appearance of a forest troll for 20 secs and never to be seen ever again in the movie. (was it to show that Snow White is that awesome?)

My personal best scene would be the one you can find in the trailer, which is " Snow white running and sliding into the drainage" <-- best action shot (as quoted by the gf/wife, Tham Hui Min, which i totally agreed)

The thing that made no sense whatsoever was the whole, Snow White leading battle thing, without any training or guidance, she somehow knows how to ride a horse, wield a sword and put on an armor to war? 

Rating: 1/5
Critic Mode:
"If it takes more than a handful of elements to redirect such a beautiful story, you must have the conscience of making it , if not the best, at least the most memorable. "benjaminfoo of 

My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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Looks like the animals are at large again! It's been two installments and two very different locations for these wild animals, with their hilarious gags and stupidity, what would be waiting for them in Europe?

If I had to choose between, the ignorant Zebra, the fabulously stupid lion , a bunch of smarty pants penguin or and obnoxious king rodent, I think my favorite animal pal will be.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched- It will be in Malaysia soon.


As easy as 1, 2 ,3 , it's pretty obvious what I am about to tell you!

Headed down to One Hotel at Bandar Utama for the Samsung Galaxy s3 Exclusive Media Launch.

Pretty much all medias from each field were there, all ready to get first looks and hands on for the eagerly awaited SGS3.

Stand a chance to win Daily prizes from Super GT ! NO LONG QUEUES!

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So I heard EVERYONE already got their ticket already right?

Huh? some of you haven? Why?

You don't know where to buy? You don't want to queue up to get it?

No Worries! No Queue!
No More!

With the all powerful internet all you need to do is visit these two sites below

Follow the steps to purchase the tickets, WAIT! theres more,each ticket bought entitles you to participate in  the lucky draw contests!

Here are the great prizes available!

Pitwalk passes
• Gridwalk passes
• Paddock Club pass
• Naza NZ125R motorbike
• Avira anti virus
• Samsung 32" LCD TV
• Samsung 43" Plasma TV
• Panasonic 50" Plasma TV
• Panasonic 32" LCD TV
• Fujifilm Compact Camera
• Canon Compact Cameras
• Olympus Cameras
• Samsung Mobile Phones
• Nikon D5100

You know? These prizes are really good, entertainment to it's fullest! and since you already bought the ticket to be in the running. why not enjoy yourself to a day of great cars and beautiful ladies this 9th and 10th June at the Super GT @ Sepang! 

Besides the pretty cars, you will of course know there will be Super GT queens supporting their teams as well, so here are some pictures of them from previous Super Gt's

For more info:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

SUPER GT 2012: ROUND 3 MALAYSIA- A feast fit for the Kings of Speed

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Formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC), the Super GT Series is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT Association (G.T.A.). It was first established in 1993 by the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) via its subsidiary company the G.T.A. (GT Association).

Well enough of the formal facts, the simplest explanation for such a grand event is the passion for speed + the thrill of the ride + professional drivers + fastest and most beautiful cars manufacturedincredibly stunning Super GT queens on the race track of chasing dreams and fulfilling destiny!

Sounds like something out of a 5 Star fine dining experience? Well you can put it that way! 

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you, on the speed feast that you are about to consume. 

Just a little something to get you on the edge to open yourself to a n array of eye pleasing and heart satisfying  cars.

It's probably everyone's dream to drive one of these to a club and just pick up a chick "hey baby~"


Now that I have your attention and hunger growling , lets's look at the wide range that we have here.

Main Course

Having the launch on a cool Saturday morning was one of the best ideas ever, the cars were neatly parked for your own viewing, which one would be your favorite?

Just looking at these cars made my heart burn for the excitement to see them on the tracks!

The need for speed is definitely on! These are just the ones on show case! The ones that will be racing on the day itself, are all suited up for a great of battle on the tracks!

Oh look! Here is one of them now!


*smile* and of course who wouldn't want some eye candy for dessert right?


Would you like a take away?

If racing and a spine-tingling selection of rare cars are not enough to quench the thirst for automotive entertainment, JPM Motorsport has lined up one more star attraction for motorsport fans. 

This time, with the support and help from all the car clubs, JPM Motorsport aimed to break the record created last year in the Malaysia Book of Records with the 2nd Edition of the Biggest Super and Performance Car Gathering! 

The objective is to gather more than 405 cars (2011 record)on the front straight of Sepang International Circuit (SIC), featuring cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, and other road-going variants of SUPER GT racing machines such as the Lexus SC430, Honda NSX, Nissan GTR and Mazda RX7. 

There’s already a surging interest with an expected crowd (of more than 5000 visitors) attending the SUPER GT Pit Walkabout which will happen simultaneously. 


FOLLOW @supergtmy

There's a daily contest running as well, check out their facebook page now and I will see you there! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day- Just Saying Thank You


I was always a pain the ass for my teachers, ever since kindergarten.

I would always talk with my friends and run out of the class, very typical small kid behaviour la.

I get caned very often to the extend that I was not afraid of it any more and I was pretty rebellious by nature so this attitude was brought to my secondary school life where I skip classes and never studied causing a lot of ruckus around the school.

I gave my educators some really tough times and I didn't score well for my SPM as well. Actually it was mega fail la.

Time passed and I entered University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar, taking up a bachelor's degree in communication majoring in Advertising.

Still clueless of what I was doing, I've met several awesome lecturers that changed me on a massive scale.

Pn Fraulina-

She is the one that knocked my head hard, gave me the inspiration to actually be passionate about something. She was very unconventional and active, always trying different ways to get us going, her lectures were never a bore to me cause she tries SO HARD to show us that "it's not all about memorizing, it's about learning and application" Her jokes were not always captured by the class though, but they were really good laughs for me. Haha.

Because of her, on most days, I go to work like this picture below "in high spirits" 

Mr. Lionel-

This young lazy dude was pretty enthusiastic about teaching, always giving advices and speaking from his heart, he showed me that even if you are wearing a formal suit and having to teach, "You still can be who you want to be"  You can say that Lionel actually came as a role model to me "to how I should never lose myself to the flows of society"

Ms Jass Kok-

She is quite strict when it comes to lessons, but knows how to draw the line and be a good friend as well. She is always a good chat to have around, the times I drop by in her office just to see how is she doing and we would end up talking about my future and other trendy topics. "You can say that she never let's you down"

Ms Tan Ser Zian-

Quite a petite teacher, can be labelled as cute la. I owe her a ton cause if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have graduated on time, She took time off her busy scheduled and slotted a friend and I for a personal subject that I have failed to pass the previous semester. She is also very energetic and keen to absorb new knowledge lo, very fun to talk to her wan. Cheerful as always, it makes you more motivated if the students respect you. She always willing to help out.

Ms Esaline Maria Spykerman:-

Awesome name right? Haha, anyway this lecturer is a bit more unique, she is very very demanding and it was a real challenge to keep up with her, always rejecting our stuff and asking very provocative questions. "But after you think about it, it was all for our own good, cause when you go out to work you will need to be in tip top shape", and I am very thankful that she did what she did, besides! She is very nice when she is not busy sculpting you to be the pillar of society! :D

So these are really some of the lecturers that made an impact in my life, when many told me that it would be hell to go through University with my attitude and lack of energy.

These lecturers of mine were like the Avengers of my uni life.

and in the end, with their guidance, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration.



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Sunday, May 13, 2012

This blog is now a part of Digi WWWOW Internet For All Awards


I guess it's important to mention the direction that this blog is currently headed.

The objective however has never changed since a year ago when surfaced.

"To share all the things that the author experienced and the thoughts that come with it, from the majestic events to the small scale parties that is happening not just locally BUT globally as well. The events that bring upon new lifestyles, the food that gathers us together, the movies that we all love and hate, and the smallest most important thing we call life."
The more "out there" this blog becomes, the bigger the reach it will help to channel news, happenings, food, lifestyles great events and the little things that make you smile.

Whether it is to promote small eateries, or big brands.

Whether it is to tell a great tale of inspiration, or share a story full of grief

Whether it is about the own life of the author, or the colorful journey others have experienced.'s purpose to be a well known blog only aims for one true goal, which is to create a place where things can be shared with the rest of the world.

So now, I have entered into the Digi WWWOW Internet For All Awards.

Choose to vote if you are convinced that is ready to be accepted by the mass.

If not, just have a look at the site and see what we have. 

=) THX :)

Corona Extra Cinco De Mayo Brought The House Down!

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I am pretty sure you guys remember my mentioning about Corona Extra Brings in the Calvary to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo about a week ago =).

So I was there at one of the 3 celebration venues to experience the way this Mexican holiday brought the house down!

But First! Here are the other two places that celebrated this Memorable Mexican Holiday as well.

At the Cobra Club, We see lots of people having great fun at the boardgame challenges where you will need to throw a dice and do challenges to where you land on the board to ulimately get to the other end of the board!

Everyone was happy to enjoy bottles of the Super Premium Corona Extra after a long week at work! It is definitely a great session of catchy mexican tunes and a lot of salsa chatting! Just look at those Smiley faces =)

The other venue was just as happening and if not MORE happening!

From hitting Pinatas to a mexican band performance to a sexy session of salsa dancing and posing pictures with Giant Corona ExtrasLas Carrestas Ampang was more than packed, they were jam packed and ready to rock the night away with great music, dancing and a whole lot of Corona!

Las Carrestas Ampang just so happens to be a authentic Mexican restaurant and was more that ready to project the ambience of the whole event!


Here I was, at Beach Club KL. One of the most popular tourist hang out bars in KL for many reasons! One of which is their willingness to generate a great atmosphere to keep the crowd entertained at all times!

Food and the awesome Corona Extra with a dash of lime slice to kickstart a soon to be awesome night.

The Corona Extra taste very different when you put in that lime or lemon element in it, it becomes a very unique drink delivering the same smooth refreshing jolt you would want from a premium beer =)

The food served here was really splendid as well as they blend perfectly as a complement to the Corona Extra, we really helped ourselves with the food since it WAS dinner time after all.

Mexican tunes can filled the air as the Emcee ushered in the different segments of the night to entertain us, there was the giant board game where you roll dice and try to reach the end as soon as possible :) Take note that there are some obstacles u need to complete if you land on it :

The talented and stunning Chelsea of was the first victor of the night although we didn't get to catch her in action haha :) She is the one in purple? In the picture below

Moving on to more activities, a grand tutorial of the famous Mexican Salsa was demonstrated and tought to the crowd. The crowd join in and it became quite a sight!

Picking-up the pace towards the later part of the evening in true Mexicano style, the challenge to hit a piƱata gave party lovers a swinging time.

Participants stepped-up to the plate and gave the gaily decorated figure their best shots in hopes of breaking it while troops watching in anticipation were supportive as they cheered on everyone who tried out.

So it was one fine night for all ! Will sure be looking forward to future Cinco De Mayo celebrations around town next year, would you care to join me as well? =)

“Corona Extra is the world’s most loved Mexican beer because of its light, refreshing and relaxing taste that always brings out the fun where it is. It is unique and distinct in its own special way. Even the way you drink a Corona Extra is a ritual on its own with a slice of lime inserted'

So Cheers! 

Bersih 3.0 and I

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