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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zouk @ Sepang 2012, bring the circuit down!


KL's best club, Zouk KL was ready to bring it up to the circuits with Zouk @ Sepang, and we were more than ready to rave the whole night away! 

With line up of amazing DJs , with a DJ Afrojack as the main event, everyone partied the whole evening and night from 6pm to the late of night.

Here are the lineup and timeslots!

Dropping beats like there is no tomorrow, the party started and never ended. 

While busy breaking my body and neck *argh* here are some picture for the event!

This was only the 9pm crowd

There were more behind me

Great screens to illuminate the night

The crowd probably went to optimum around 10 plus , cant be bothered that much because i was right up front in the middle as u can see from the pic above. Around this time, we were all feeling the groove much!

Lets have a look at the DJs

Somehow, i realized now that I was everywhere at the party. left right back front. hahaha. must have been jumping around like a rabbit. * head bangs*

Let's have some pictures from the prespectives of the DJs shall we? Snatch these from the twitter updates from @Jeremy_Lim , @djshazz_m , @mrnastyxx

 @xuLapSap & @djterencec

@alvingold &@Blink_LapSap




It was for sure a great night with a massive crowd at the Sepang circuits.

Thanks again to Digi Telco, NuffnangMY for the Vip Passes.

Thanks Zouk KL for having it!


face kena cropped out by my own camera ;(

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Isaac Tan said...

lol, nice time there bro :)

Carina said...

:( Nuffnang no love me. Never give me passes to go also! :(

Unknown said...

WAH SEI!! Damn nice! Can go up the stage summore!!

FiSh said...

yay party! :) so lucky to get to the stage, meeting the stars

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bendan said...

En la.. fun la!! Linked your blog.

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