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Friday, April 6, 2012

ChurpChurp - A Couple's Life


THANK YOU CHURP CHURP MALAYSIA~ I am now the proud owner of two rare blue ChurpChurp birds =).

As some of you have known that i won a ChurpChurp Bird at last years Churpout with Nuffnang and Chatime at Publika-->

So around December, The ChurpChurp Bird who I named "I-Zai" was suddenly feeling very lonely, he asked if  I could find him a partner, he didn't want be to buy him one, he trusted me that I can find his true soulmate for him. So feeling a bit soft for him, I looked for ways which I can find the perfect soulmate for him.

After 3 months, I finally found it. I found him another ChurpChurp Bird thx to

Churp Churp Malaysia, the community for social media incluencers, and home to the rare ChurpChurp Bird.

The Churpies, or the Guardians of the ChurpChurp Bird decided to gift me one, when i gave them some cool suggestions about their new website. =)

So now both of them are living very happily together.

Here are their pictures <3

They like to look at the high night skies together, hanging and chilling.

Watch some good shows on the tv =)

The wifey ChurpChurp Bird cooks very well.

They like to eat Pau, always ea together.

I-Zai is Chinese educated as well. XD

Of Course both are social media influencers and online junkies =)

Sleeping together <3

 Its so cute to have them flying around, do you wish to own one as well? or maybe two? or a flock?

Well, you can always show ChurpChurp Malaysia , your passion and maybe they will deem you worthy, sigh up with them if u wan ^^.


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Also,you support for my blog, twitter and page would really make I-Zai and the wife happy =).

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Ken Wooi said...


Hilda Milda™ said...

LOL SO CUTE! I like the one the guy is reading newspaper and the two of them facing laptop 'churping' :P Next, you should try dressing them up HAHAHA

fresh said...

hahahaha awwww super cute! i like how churpies watch HIMYM lol

Cutebun said...

They are so cute!!!

XING said...

y no tie ribbon on either one of them? i can't differentiate the gender of churpies.

bendan said...

Ahahahaha!! So cute right?? XD
Like the one looking at the pc.

Josarine said...

So cute! I thought ur room is pink? I saw a purple wall.

Unknown said...


Isaac Tan said...

cuteness to the max bro

missyblurkit said...

This is cute and funny! Well done! I am having a good laugh now to ease off my headache. THANX!

Koh Kian Fai said...

I laugh really heard the moment they in the kitchen and cooking and makan taipau! LOL :D :D :D

dam hang fuk wei summore watch TV together!

and also . . . *laugh at the first comment*

Koh Kian Fai said...

I think the plushie owner should dress the plushie up eventually and have plushie gathering! LOL XD XD XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

I gonna find someone and tailor made my plushie, and still undecide what kind of gender give to the plushie XD

michleong said...

Damn cute lo! So lucky they've got each other lol

Cindy said...

i also have a twin churp2 babies..but i put them in ma baby blue a.k.a car!

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