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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 3.0 and I


The "I was here picture"
Do not expect me to preach or evangelize what is Bersih and why i think you should support it.

You can read all about it on their sites and decide that for yourself.

I attended Bersih 3.0, to witness and experience for myself alone. I wanted to clarify something, and I did.

Let's start from the beginning.

Woke up 7.30am and got ready, I packed up my yellow shirt in case i get stopped even before reaching the square.

Drove out about 9 plus and went on to gather at Tony's house at 9.45am.

We gathered awhile , there were 8 of us at that time.

Proceeded to drive to Taman Jaya as we heard Asia Jaya LRT was close ( later we heard it wasnt-stupid trolls)

We decided to stop at Pasar Seni because it was the first stop for the various meet up point before the walk to Dataran Merdeka.
We got down at Pasar Seni, there were no arrests to be seen and people were just pouring down like a regular Saturday but with Yellow to show their support for Bersih
(Everything was very peaceful and orderly at this time.)

We then proceeded to look for food and went to the McD at Kota Raya where a huge amount of protesters were already gathering up, it was 11.45am at that time. 

We managed to grab McDs, but later on they closed shop it could be they ran out of stock or they did not want ppl taking shelter inside. (Condition here was also very peaceful, chanting of BERSIH BERSIH could be heard)

After regrouping we went to proceed to Jalan Sultan, following the crowd, and before we know it we were already in the walk to Dataran Merdeka. 

At this point we followed the crowd, chanting BERSIH BERSIH like it was a football club, Malaysians really like their football.  (Even with so many people, we were peaceful, helping each other with umbrellas and bags, sharing water with strangers and using umbrellas to not only shelter yourself)

We walked for about maybe 30-40mins? with such a huge group we were quite slow moving , and at the end we reached a point where everyone just stop. We were at the Bar Council, there was a large area there so everyone spread out and that gave us space to move further in front on to find out we were actually at one of the entrance to Dataran Merdeka. 

An ambulance came in several times, I think it was to see if anyone has fainted or stuff like that, its a good idea but every time it came in we had to move aside quite dangerous la !

We chanted Bersih and stood up and den sat down again several times as well, Later on someone with a speaker showed up and ask us to remain calm and sit down and that WE WILL NOT ENTER DATARAN MERDEKA. (This was actually made understood few days ago, we were planning to just sit down and do our demonstration) . MIND YOU! EVERYTHING WAS STILL PEACEFUL HERE AS WELL.

We were then ask to either go to Jalan Tun Razak or stay organized here.

After a while we decided to move.

Some people were quite famished and this famous Beef Ball noodle place was booming, it was actually quite nice to see people eating at the side of the street. (it was peaceful here as well)

After stopping to get beverage we proceeded to Jalan Tun Razak, or Masjid Jamek which is easier to describe.

Going through an alley we found ourselves relatively close to the main crowd already.

We tried to move in closer tony and I but we knew that was a bad idea. so we decided to regroup. At an Alley nearby.

A lady had fainted near us and we went to look for a medic or a first aid, after a while one came and many came to fan her and to get her back up.

She finally manage to wake up and was actually in good spirits despite her face pale and yellowish.  Good for her!


As we were walking towards the main road, people started running the other way and we knew Tear gas canister was fired. We immediately backed up but the wind was not in our favor, the gas came fast and most of us got it. Tearing and snorting. ( not cool at all!) 

The rest went ahead of me to the other end of the alley as i went to look for the aunty. I helped her out and her friends and her wanted to get her out ASAP as she was still weak. The alley exit was actually under attack on the other end as well and every one was trapped with just a small path heading into the tear gas and out again. 

I tried my best to get the Aunty away but she was too weak and I moved her and her other two friends to a side. Tear gas was choking me at that time and (I HAD NO SALT!) 

At this point I was alone and everyone was moving looking for a way to get out, the aunties were actually struggling and they huddle together behind. 

At this point we just wanted to get away but unfortunately we were trapped. ( at this moment , i was thinking, why would you trap people if you want them to disperse. I can see gas from all side.)

After making sure they aunties were okay, i proceeded to join up with tony gerald and iris whom came back out from the closed up alley, their faces were teargas owned!. well so was I.

We made it out to the main road, at this time it was 4pm and the tear gas stopped.

ONLY TO BE STARTED AGAIN, we saw gas coming from the front and ran further way from it.


(As I was running the other way, I looked to my left and saw a basic motobike with two riders face covered, I assumed they were from the front line and running away AND THEN I SAW, I SAW! WITH MY OWN TWO EYES, the passenger threw a canister right in front of me UNABLE TO dodge i jumped over it and got a whiff of that stupid gas and was out of breathe, i took in the rest of the salt in my hand and ran as fast as i could.) WTF MAN! 

We finally got away far enough but we still see some gas being fired for reasons no one knew and the wind carried some over stinging us ever so often.

Asked a few elderly to move further away and we proceeded to go close for one last look.

We helped to clean up a bit, and proceeded to find our way back.

Finally took a bus, and as we were leaving.

We realize the riot control or what ever u call them. was actually expanding their territorial grid to the entrance of Petaling street, tear gas was fired here as well.


So that was my experience with Bersih 3.0

"I attended Bersih 3.0 to see it for myself what is it all about, and I have witness it and felt it, I am proud I actually took the initiative to go, I did not ask anyone to follow cause I went with only one aim, the aim was to see for myself if the country is still able to be changed."

My conclusion, YES we are still able, at this point you would have been bombarded with all the images, news and videos but I am afraid unless you experienced it yourself, you would still be unable to see that we are still capable of change.

Today I saw, Malaysians being Malaysians, we were friendly to each other and we peacefully engaged the rally. This is what I saw, I did not see the violence from both end but from what I can see is 


It was only a small faction that turn violent, no one could understand their action. 

But I always have a thought 

"If we would be 50% kinder to people around us, or more polite, it would change for a little bit of a better world"

I saw that this is still achievable because I saw us helping each other, the biggest team spirit you can find. 

I am going continue to be nice to strangers as much as possible, without endangering my life of course.

As for the election, it REALLY is about time the ruling parties stop taking us for granted.

I might not be making a good point for BERSIH, but I am making it a good point for myself, and I do have a vision for a better world and I am not letting that go just yet.

If your dreams were to have a comfortable house and family

Den mine would be a comfortable nation or maybe world for everyone to live in. 

And I can't achieve it myself, so could you also be nicer to people around you.

Tell your story, only after you took an initiative to understand things, to experience it first hand. If you are not willing, then let it be, no one needs to know.


Hermion Hester said...

wow. i really salute you for joining the march just now. glad that you're safe and able to upload these amazing post for info. if only more people who think like you, then malaysia will become much & way better country to live. good job! :)

Qi Wen said...

A salute for you for being there! It was a job well done :)

Cutebun said...

I do hope our country can change into a better one. Ur experience teaches us something today.

Josarine said...

Firstly, it's a good thing you're tall, so when you're in the crowd you can still see or snap pictures for proof. Second, it is damn messed up!!! Wth man, spraying tear gas right at the exit... it's kinda scary actually how crazy it went. But thank God you and your friends are ok.

Unknown said...

Good job Ah Ben!

Unknown said...

Good job Ah Ben!

michleong said...

Good story! With such a large crowd, there tend to be 'funny' people who would do 'funny and weird' things like creating an unnecessary havoc. Even by organising a university event, we get weird people who couldn't understand the rules and regulations set so what more a public gathering with over 150,000 people? Right? :)

y.Ho said...

:D wow, that's a nice experience. You're right, with so many people there, things could have gone worse. only a small fraction of people got out of control, which is something predictable since so many are here. At least the rest are really in this together and voice out the thoughts of malaysians. :D kudos to you!!

Editor said...

i think the bersih 3.0 success... :)

Anonymous said...

xD i think u need salt if there is a rally next time lol

Isaac Tan said...

i like this. lots of photo, love your initiative.

Isaac Tan said...

i like this. lots of photo, love your initiative.

missyblurkit said...

Good job with the pics and the sharing. Its an eye opener...

chamadii said...

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bendan said...

^_____^ proud of you ben!! Glad that you joined and you get to snap so many photos, better than reading on newspaper!! LOLOLOL!!

"If we would be 50% kinder to people around us, or more polite, it would change for a little bit of a better world"

"continue to be nice to strangers as much as possible, without endangering my life of course."

Totally support, I used to have such thought but since when I lost and forget about being good. Ah, now I recalled why am I feeling not right all these years after involving in this community. *sigh* life!!

Well, people might only helping each other during the rally. In real life, they will still stick with reality n selfishness. I did not see any hope yet, it gonna take years to "change" from now. 变坏很快,变好很难。

Koh Kian Fai said...

am glad that 3 of you back very safe + going clubbing at night! hahaha

well I do really wanted to go and failed due to some stupid reason (office shifting)

and I heard that you can become best friend with other people if you wear yellow and others is yellow also. it would be such a great experience if sharing idea and opinion about future of the country.

I feel sad that PDRM is totally brainwashed, if you know how to read mandarin and I hope you read some article related about Police got brainwashed and fear about "new govt."

For me, I dun think so much about New Govt. and New Govt. = giving good and correct the lifestyle everyone in Malaysia.

If UMNO/BN still controlling Malaysia, lets see, since year 2001, Malaysia cant handle economic crisis and governor continue corruption and don't help rakyat at all. Many people face bankrupt because of that too.

Well let see the future event about Bersih. Would love to hoop in it.

Jobless Girl said...

You did a good job. Hope it will create awarness to others on BERSIH meaning.

Merryn said...

Salute you for your bravery Ben. Am glad that you went and came back safely..

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Bersih 3.0 and I

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