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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Battleship 2012 with After Credit Scene Revealed


Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Tadanobu Asano and Rihanna , stars in this movie that is based on the popular game battleship, Liam had a very small part in this show while the rest had relatively important roles throughout the show, Acting was somehow acceptable because you will get sucked in by the other elements on the film.

What's it about:
Alex Hopper ( Taylor ), is a man with great potential but lacks the calmness and maturity to let him lead, while meeting Samantha (Brooklyn) all these changed. 

On a war game exercise, they stumbled upon giant monuments that did not appear on the radar and once triggered, it created total chaos. It turns out these monuments are of extra terrestrial origins. 

An all out war ensues causing enough explosion and action to keep you at the edge of your sit.

*Note: this part of the review was made for a general synopsis of the film, the real story would make it a spoiler, there are certain elements that are nt mentioned here.

What I would say about it:
Looking from the trailer, what can be said was it is gonna be a hyped up action movie that would not deliver.

Yea~ IT IS INDEED A HYPED UP ACTION MOVIE,  but it actually delivered.

The storyline had a few keyplots that were slightly different but all in all it's a hero action flick so the ending is already understood. 

What would be impressive is the action sequence and details, I would like to go as far as to say this is better than the transformer movie franchise. Once the action started, it didnt slow down, from rocket launches to gunfires it was a flaming fest of explosion and destruction.

They actually found away to fit the original board game mechanics into the movie. 

You will notice the word Malaysia mentioned.

It had ACDC- Thunderstruck in it, and a few other metal songs, classy =)

and now that i think of it, shooting or directing a sea battle is not that easy, so that part was admirable.

Rating: 3.5/5
Critic Mode:
"It's a action junkie's paradise, focusing on what would seem to be a lack of story telling, the action did the job and simply enjoy it with anyone in the family as well as friend."benjaminfoo of 

So what happen in the after credit scene?

- A very important scene was shown after the credits, it showed Scotland being hit by a fragment of the alien ship while 3 Scottish trying to open it up when another man came and tried to get it open, and when it finally open the alien hand pop out which strongly suggest a sequel. But I don think it is recommended this one had already gave enough of a ride to be tried again. 

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SiMon Har said...

hmm... Ireland language movie sequel perhaps LOL

missyblurkit said...

i am quite looking forward to this movie actually:D

Nikel Khor said...

Great movie so far in the year!

Anne Lee said...

I havent watched this, love action pack movies.

Xue Ren said...

can't wait to watch this in cinema soon! =D

Ken Wooi said...

ah missed the after credit scene.. that's why the cinema still dark lah :/

choulyin.tan said...

aiks...kenapa beritahu spoiler kat belakang >.< tapi its ok, i will still wana go watch it :D

Unknown said...

What a rubbish! Didn't deserve a 3.5 just for the visuals and the illogic action scenes!

BATTLESHIP movie review

Unknown said...

The kids at the end are Scottish, no Irish

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