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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wrath Of The Titans 2012


Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson lead the cast in this greek themed fantasy story, in my opinion Sam was not suited at all in this film, his wavy hair made him look quite bad. Ralph Fiennes gave a good performance as well, I doubt many would realize he is Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies.

Fee fai for tum, I am a giant and I want to crush you!
What's it about:
A sequel to the Clash of the Titans (New version 2010) , following the defeat of the Kraken by Perseus, Son of Zues. Perseus wishes to live as a normal fisherman with his son despite being a demi-god. 

But peace does not come close, the land is once again turn into chaos when the faith of humans to the Gods faded through the years and weakening the power of the God's who uses it to seal away the evil entity of destruction Kronos.

No the giant cloud of dust (Kronos) is not shooting lasers.

What I would say about it:
These Greek Gods really need to stop screwing mortals. According to the movie, there are many other useless Demi-Gods.

The story had a good start with a lot of action and tension, but somewhere in the middle it lost momentum and it suddenly became a family movie of forgiveness and fatherly love. 

The only thing to praise about was the admirable monster designs and power effects

There was a scene with shifting Labyrinth, a pretty good idea but it needed more engagement and clearer movements to make you feel like you are in the maze, the random appearance of a minotaur did not help. 

Can't say I like the film, but it is still very much watchable.

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Mode:
" It would definitely take more than this to make a good blockbuster hit out of this, probably raking a lot in the first week from the hype it has cause but it needed more substance to be remembered as a good action fantasy movie of greek influence."benjaminfoo of

 Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets, and TGV Sunway Pyramid Hall 7 for the experience.


Koh Kian Fai said...

The crushing and running in the wood was kind of really cool man haha

Kronos is the best!!! :D

FiSh said...

'watchable' sounds really not good there. lol. not gonna watch it then :P since there are quite a number of avearage reviews

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