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Monday, March 12, 2012 the innovation of online bidding

2 comments : is an innovative auction website, offering users the chance to win brand new products and services at greatly discounted prices!

That's probably the the most general way of describing this new and fresh bidding site that proved to be taking up the local's internet community by storm.

At first glance, you will be captivated by the products that are being "auctioned" like these below.

Who can say that these items are not attractive? I know you are probably eye-ing that Asus laptop right now =).

Did I get you interested now?

The big problem in which you would be thinking right now, what are the steps to get this, where is the catch? are the products original? Are we guaranteed?

After experiencing it myself, I can say that is  Simple, Smart, Easy to use,  No catch, Original and Guaranteed to deliver.

As I went into the site, I was impressed at how minimal and clean the layout is, there is no dodgy small prints to try to trick you at all.

There are many gifts to get you started, Free tokens, Free tour, Free guide, good customer service, clean cut instructions saves you all the trouble and hassle that might occur in other similar site. The Free token would definitely help you in getting yourself warmed up to the bidding game.

Oh yes, I did mention game,  you see right? not only wants to give you a chance to get awesome products at a really really low price, they also try to make it like a game.

Here is a really cute illustration that is simple and easy to understand made by

Simple and clear enough!

However, like I mentioned before, it's like a game, because everyone else wants a piece of those goodies as well.

So here are some cool tips and strategies that might keep you at the top of the game =)

 Start small, get your experience up and get use to the game by winning some items that have less competition den slowly move your way up the food chain.

Beginner's Auction, There are some bids that have the L plate on it, these are for new user only, so the bigger experience players won't bug you.

Stock up on tokens,  There are many ways for you to stock up on tokens, that way you will have a big chance to fend off other hunters.

Auto Bidder, the auto bidder is a setting that helps u bid even if you are in the toilet, you can set the maximum amount you limit.

Focus on one, Focus on one item at a time so that you wont be distracted and might miss a chance at winning a bid, like a vulture on it's prey one must be in focus.

Last but not least! Here is their commitment to the consumers.

I am pretty sure you guys want to get started now!

Here are the links you should click to get started.


Isaac Tan said...

really nice website there :)
now let's start bidding on some good stuffs

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Merryn said...

I cannot focus! Too many good stuffs! Mata keranjang dy... :(

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