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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nuffnang 5th Anniversary Celebration @ Club Neverland KL

*looks into the bookshelf*

*spots a familiar and happy coloured scrapbook*

Oh hei! 

*flips through*

Ah, I remember this not too long ago.


It was Nuffnang's 5th Anniversary and they were having a birthday bash at Club Neverland to celebrate the occasion.

I was lucky enough to be invited to such a memorable day, I officially joined Nuffnang since July 2011 and have been active since.

We were all very excited to be part of the celebrations and even got the place earlier.

Here is Kenwooi and Eric pretty much excited for the whole event, Kenwooi was posing for a video shoot. Nuffnang is 5 this year!

Here is the Club in which we will be partying at!

After registering at the front desk, we had a chance to take a picture at the back drop that was provided, thanks to Nuffies Rachel and Jamie, I did not have to endure the awkwardness of taking the picture alone . *phew* Thanks girls!

Club Neverland was pretty cozy and was big enough to house the number of people who will be attending this memorable event. So as soon as we entered, the picture taking sessions would commence, meeting many familiar faces and knowing a few more new ones, the mingling session proved to be quite enjoyable and certainly darlie-like teeth were appearing everywhere because the lights were dimmed down for the atmosphere.

The event was officially started and Phatfabes from flyfm came out to host the event, without missing a cue, he entertained the crowd with his hilarious antics and witty comebacks.

He invited the Co-founder of Nuffnang ,Timothy Tiah to give his speech.

 But he decided to sing a song for us. (we wish)

Here we see Tim trying very very hard to suck the whole cake, Nic Chay can be seen trying to guide him through the tormenting attempt. Thara from NNBR (Nuffnang Blogger Relation) was not helping at all as she was seen blowing at the cake instead of taking it in.

After much fail at vacuuming in the cake, the Nuffies decided to just pose the stickman pose for picture sessions! =) =) =) =). We should do this everytime we greet each other. haha It will be like a clan secret greeting kinda thingamajig.

Local band "Figure It Out" performed throughout the night to entertain us with some great music.

Food was served buffet style and everyone lined up like standard one students even though we were all a bunch of hungry people at that time.

Enjoying the food and the company that we have around plus mingling with Figure It Out playing the back drop, we never missed out chance to snap pics.

Here are a few.

 See some of the already happy bloggers!


Showing ma Pearly Whites

Aiseh, this couple always bully me wan, but i love em nonetheless

A "manly" pic for the night! haha, and Isaac forgot his famous pose.

Of course there were many fun & games as well, the trivia sessions, then we played charades and of course the most memorable one was the catwalk competition which the prize was very very very very attractive

 The charade session.

Participants of the Catwalk session, there are a few videos in youtube that shows the whole session but as a friend I will live it to you guys to search it yourself . pssssss--> keyword:Nuffnang birthday catwalk

Everyone was very happy the night, tummy filled with delicious food and hearts filled with joy, it was something that many would be happy to be a part of and I hope I would have the chance to continue to be a part of these wonderful milestones and celebrations in years to come. Thanks Nuffnang. Thanks fellow bloggers/friends.

Oh yes!

Here are our goodie bag sponsors.

and also Nuffnang gave us something priceless as well. =)

I have yet to find the perfect picture to put in it yet. Priceless.

Saving the best for the last
All this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for these amazing people who works behind the scenes and sometimes in the frontline as well to bring Nuffnang up to it's success to this day as well as giving us such a wonderful time at the birthday bash!

Thanks Nuffies/Churpies/Nommies (whichever applicable)


*that fella at the bottom left is Hon Mun(Nuffnang Designer), responsible for the backdrop for the collage on top. 

I am sure there are a lot more Nuffies not captured on camera, So whichever Nuffies who happens to read this, pass the message on as well =), arigatou gozaimas minna san!

And one more time!

*boom boom pop pop boom pop pop*

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

*closes scrapbook*

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Koh Kian Fai said...

walao u all reach that time still got alot of car park leh! :O

Unknown said...

U have change your blog template. Looks more mature liao. hahaha

Nikel Khor said...

nice nice now..

Koh Kian Fai said...

anyways, I miss the event so much, so much fun! and first time tell the answer in speed of light too XD (puss in boots)

Josarine said...

I can see the DSLR quality in most of the pictures... ahhh I want dslr.. :(

Peeciella said...

I so wanna be there :( ahhh.

FiSh said...

all showing white teeth, hahas! :D

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Ken Wooi said...

wah why i stand liddat wan.. LOL

nicccchang said...

so much fun! Hope to join it next time.

michleong said...

Ahh..missed this. Next year still got maa? D:

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