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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flo Rida performing at Future Music Festival Asia 2012


I say Rida you say Flo






Those were the energetic chants for the Flo Rida performance at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 yesterday, if you were there you would know what I meant. 

Mr International arrived at the stage straight from his 18 hour flight from L.A. and jam sparked a freaking one hour show of pure energy and showmanship, drowning the crowd with his popular songs and excellent crowd teasers. 

It was already a known fact that his songs were very catchy and nice to party to, first time catching him live and I was impressed by his showmanship and the energy he brings to the crowd.

Performing all his songs of wonder the crowd jumped at dance even though it was just 5pm and it was freaking hot and sweaty but no one cared =)

Much to the surprise of the crowd, our very own Mizz Nina came out and did a feature with Flo Rida with her " houston~ we got a little problem~ hehe, that was a pleasant surprise. 

Just how awesome was Flo Rida at exciting the crowd? Here are the proofs.

Coming out into the crowd and giving out roses and sweaty T shirts plus a very big heart shaped sign, Mr International was one of those performers that you remember for a long long time. =)

Well, this is just one of the performances of Future Music Festival Asia, will op for more updates and posts once I gathered enough pictures from different sources.

It was one hell of a Festival.

Still not sure what is Future Music Festival Asia about? Check it out here.

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FiSh said...

had fun partying or taking pictures? :P

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Unknown said...

his songs annoy me. like most songs at the club lol

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Unknown said...

looks like he really goes into the crowd unlike what sean kingston did..not bad at

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