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Monday, March 12, 2012

BMW Shorties


The general fact:

The BMW Shorties is a cultural initiative by BMW to provide amateur filmmakers with a platform to discover their talent that started right here in Malaysia.

I think that just about sums up the whole idea, you see we Malaysians are very talented people, and I have the privilege to meet many of them and it was inspiring.

It seems that BMW Shorties have been around for a few years , a little bit embarrassed to not be aware of them actually. #epicfail.

I am sure you have been seeing many viral local made shorts lately. such as Alone,forever? by themingfeed or Abuthen!? by Jinnyboy that showed much potential in our film industry in the future , provided if we survive this election *cough cough*.

The Top 10 Shorties (no pun intended) were not short at all, with "Joy" as their theme, each of the entries interpreted "Joy:" in so many ways. With the largest number of entries since its incubation, the Top ten were selected from 114 entries. 

You can watch all of the Films here-->

Some of the films were very vocal, and it engages you from to end.

Some were quiet, but right the end it suddenly hits you.

I believe some of the films used quite a high budget and showed very experienced production while some showed a lot of resourcefulness and spontaneity in the production

No matter what it is, most of the film that I have watched used very minimal special effects but rely solely on the interpretation of the theme and camera angles to project the story and the emotions that it brings. 

I am not able to embed any of the videos here due to copyright and protection reasons as I am not able to locate the films on youtube as well. 

Here are some posters for the short films to get you interested to click the link i gave above, I know how lazy people cant get but I assure you, it is worth it. 

Just for safety measures, I will put the link here as well.

Check out their




One of the finalist, "the long distance relationship" just started a production company not long ago, show your support to them as well.!


Isaac Tan said...

i remember seeing these like a lot of years back.. hey thanks for sharing bro!

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Cutebun said...

Quite nice eh!
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missyblurkit said...

i love the BMW shorties. interesting stories and takes by different folks. good job and promoting local talents.

Andrea said...

Hey thanks for sharing, btw, i heard they're coming to town from here:

would be great if you could share it so many people can come to know and appreciate the local small timers. :D


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