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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Safe House 2012

Went for a Screening of Safe House Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia at Cathay Cineplex e@Curve, Hall 7

"When your mundane life/job suddenly receives a shit load of excitement and things just gets out of hand, what would you do or what is out to get you? "

Ryan Reynolds the teenage heartthrob plays a safe house operative that is looking for a chance to prove himself, innocent and ambitious (like most young cops in America). He does fit the profile of looking like he is fresh out of the ovens of police academy.

Denzel Washington plays an ex CIA head hunter and agent who specializes in Psychological warfare and re-written the CIA interrogation protocol since way back. Now trading Government secrets from around the world to the black market.

What's it about:

Safe house as many of you know is a temporary stay place for people who are hunted outside in the public for holding vital information that could lead to serious disarray if the information is leaked out, testimonials against crime lords and vital government secrets are some of those classified stuff.

Ryan Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a young and ambitious rookie who is trying to get some where, he is the house keeper, and one fine day, He receives a last minute reservation and the man they are bringing in is none other than Tobin Frost played by Denzel .

What happens after that is how the safe house location was compromised and Ryan is left to decide on his own what he is to do with his "House Guest"
What I would say about it:
I really thought it won't be so bad , because from the trailer the concept seemed like it is going some where. 

I thought it would be one of those really smart mind game films because it felt like there was gonna be a psychological battle in the trailer with Denzel messing with Ryan's mind.

Well, I WAS WRONG.. The whole movie blew out of proportion after the first 15 mins, and at the end, it was just another Gov is bad guy, some rookie gets caught in the middle, learns some dirty crap from the "presumably evil person" and some other rubbish. 

The gun scenes were like, child's play, it was far from realistic. Everyone just seems like the hold a gun, point! and let the effects team put in the bright flares and sound effect.

No one in the right mind ( especially if you are a stadium cop) takes out a gun in the middle of a crowd and decides to open fire at a suspect , and later on the suspect (Ryan Reynolds) decides to turn around and return fire. yea in between them, hundreds of people. 

Tagline of the Film "No one is safe",  referring to the above statement, they really mean it when they put that tagline in.

Everything was so plain and draggy that I felt tired watching it. Both main did their best to make the film seemed more watch-able but the story and script proved to be too much for them.

Rating: 0/5

Watchable rating: 1/5 (if you want to see Ryan Reynolds)

Critic Mode:

" Unrealistic fight scenes, and a cliche plot, they seemed to be learning how to make a bad film more than to make a good one".benjaminfoo of

 Sadly, this is how my pass looked like after suffering from my restless butt throughout the show. =( I am sorry =( .


Nikel Khor said...

Keep the ticket properly

Ryan said...

Awww 0/5

Ken Wooi said...

0/5 LOL
no nice la the movie :P

Koh Kian Fai said...

Even the house Keeper got no right to do with House Guest, so sucks neh . . . Team Kiefer = Sucks lol

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