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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ramen Taiko @ Hartamas Shoplex

We have all always heard how much certain people enjoy Japanese Food like Sushi as a general statement. But  many might not realize, there are categories regarding Japanese dishes as well.

One such category would be the Japanese Chuka category , Chuka dishes originated in China, but have become modified over the years to suit Japanese taste, often with Japanese or even Western foods. They have changed enough that they are not identified as Chinese dishes by the Chinese themselves. -Wikipedia

I have the opportunity to have a meal with one such restaurant located at a cozy little corner near 1 Mont Kiara Mall.

The thing I adore most about these restaurants are the familiarity and homeliness it gives when you come pay a visit, you can be sure this place serves great tasting food with such a serene environment.

Here are some of the delicious dishes that are available at Ramen Taiko.

 Here is a scoop of the Sashimi Lou Sang that they had on offer, very different as if includes a variety of sliced and diced vegetables and Pamelo Fruit satchet.

 The Pan Fried Gyoza was really well done as the inside and the outside was cooked equally and manage to secure the moisture of the meat enough to keep it juicy yet dry at the same time.

 Here is something we would all love~ The Chashu , sound almost similar to our local Char Siew Meat, The Chashu is sliced to a thin layer and server on a salty sauce with a good flavor in the meat.

 Buta Kakumi is the name of this dish, Buta is Pig in Japanese Romaji . The meat for this is marinated well before cooked at a very slow fire, taste kinda like Bak Kut Teh meat, the fats are to die for!

 Nothing Special about the Subuta though, taste just like Sweet Sour Pork. ='(

 Now we have Pumpkin Koroke right here, a very popular Japanese snack that I love, fried to a crisp with lot of sweet goodness in the flavor.

 My Favorite Dish of the day, the Mabo Tofu. Mabo Tofu is meant to be spicy numbness in its taste, Ramen Taiko really made this well as the combination of spiciness and flavor is just balances , many restaurant tend to over do it on the spiciness.

 Rainbow Maki, like the name suggests, you can spew rainbow over this dish, no questions ask. It's just really good Maki. =)

 Nama Harumaki, the dish that I have a love hate relationship going on with it, I love it for the pretty colours and decoration, but I hate it cause I was really sad when I had to eat it la! Taste really good by the way * munch munch*

 So I heard you like Korean Dramas? This is of course the KimChi Ramen, I know we are in the Japanese Food Category , but good food should be available everywhere, like this Ramen for it's spiciness. Really good fermenting on the KimChi Cabbages.

 Nagasaki Chanpon, or as I would like to call it, the seafood supreme of Ramens, great tasting seafood soup base, I felt like I was drinking the ocean.

 The Matcha Ice Cream with Red bean paste, on first taste it already became my favorite Dessert. Awesome Matcha taste in it, not too sweet, just right!

Ramen Taiko Japanese Cuisine
Shoplots Mon't Kiara,Jalan Kiara,Mon't Kiara, 
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50480
03-2096 1822 ‎

Do Come for a visit now and then!

"The only thing I would complain about is probably the pricing, it could use a Rm3 - Rm 4 price reduction just to be competitive, but it is definitely fine quality food."


Nikel Khor said...

Nice Japanese dishes...

Elwyn said...

where ar? might wanna try gyoza. been looking for good gyoza!

Isaac Tan said...

eh nice photos.. vibrant colors for delicious dishes.. nom nom nom! :)

N/A said...

hungry.... :(

JunFook said...

wah someone got a new camera is it? =D

FiSh said...

i love the juicy chashu! :) this nonhalal place looks great

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Matt Siow said...

The food looks good =)

Matt Siow said...

The food looks good =)

michleong said...

lol faster than me! haha

Simple Person said...

lots of color n very delicious...

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