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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash! FEB 26th 2012

A birthday bash!

Oh wait you dunno whose birthday it is?

Well Well Well, aren't you a little bit slow on the information?

Let me tell you now, it's the birthday of my little buddy here.

Nuffnang and the Nuffnang stickman is gonna throw a birthday bash this 26th Feb and it's gonna be a great one!

The Stickmeister is not gonna be throwing just a normal birthday party.

*looks into crystal ball*

I see a lot of adventure that the Stickman  is ready for.

Wanna know?

Lets do this!

Whips out people! Looks like the Nuffnang Stickman is going on an adventure with Indiana Jones in search of the Crystal Skull!

It's gonna be an adventure of the lifetime, so pack your water bottles cause we are going outdoors and into the jungle!

*crackle crackle* * Twigs breaking*

Shhh~ we just finished our Crystal Skull trip and it seems that we are stuck somewhere else!


Where are we!?

Get ready to run cause we are getting away from these Dinosaurs as fast as possible, the Nuffnang Stickman sure has a nack for adventure!

*slips and fall*

*Stickman hands us a flyer and instruction and a backpack*

Oh yes, are you ready to get your game on? looks like the Nuffnang Stickman wants us to suit up and kick some butt.


bring it on aliens and predators! Team Nuffnang is here!.

and last but not least.

Of course a place to relax and chill after all the hectic things.

Prepare to spew Rainbows!

And here is where we are gonna snack and dine, pure Nutella goodness before heading back to Club Neverland for more party!!

Happy Early Birthday Nuffnang! 

Looking forward to your birthday bash and hope its just as my crystal ball shows!


Jessy said...

Good da Luck!

Isaac Tan said...

hey, nice writeup here! hope to be able to catch this birthday bash with you XD

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Ken Wooi said...

lol at the poster edits :P

Unknown said...

Wahhh spewing rainbows jor! haha

bendan said...

Hahahaha.. looks cool!!! Hmm hmmm...

Koh Kian Fai said...

Nutelleria sounds . . . GOOD :D

got laser tag pew pew is even more better! I miss it XD

Charmaine Pua said...

Good luck yo!

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