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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Grey

"You are more than stranded in a foreign white scene, you are also unwanted and abandoned, alone. What would you do, to go back to the places that didn't want you to begin with?" 

Liam Neeson, a tough guy in most of the movies he is in, finds his character stranded after a plane crash, the rawness and intensity he portrayed showed a husky man, cowering in fear while moving forward just to survive with no sight of a future. His projection of the character gave a creepy realism that burnt in my guts.

Hired convicts and unwanted homeless bums to work at a facility in the north pole, where blizzards are common, on a plane back to their homes after months of work outdoors, the plane crashed on an icy wasteland.

Their only chance, is to move on. But something does not like them being in their territory.

The plane crash was pretty intense, using a first person view most of the time. The whole plane crashed seem so real that I held my breath watching it.

Most of the time, you can't see much in the film as it was filtered or filmed in a constant low light setting adding much to the suspense of the movie as you don't when you will be attacked.

Bring a blanket or a sweater if you are gonna watch it in the cinemas, the winter setting plus the tense environment froze me to my seat.

Would never thought, that creatures that existed would be more terrifying than stupid space aliens that crash landed on earth.

The realism of the whole movie was that, you could see that they had no fighting chance, there was no heroism

The question is, would you want to survive and keep moving on if you have no idea what surviving would mean?

Wrapping it up:
A pretty good movie to watch for a midnight session, the air was pretty dense throughout the movie as you might find yourself sucked in as well. Seeking a thrill? The Grey might just be the thing you need.

Rating: 3.5/5

Watchable rating: 3.5/5

Critic Mode:

" It was a real experience, a raw and tense movie not for those who seek only enjoyment, it made me think it made me felt the pain and anxiety.".benjaminfoo of

This movie was watched at GSC Tropicana City Mall, Hall 2. Pretty good seats and the sound and picture was good. 


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Isaac Tan said...

the grey!.. hmm interesting

Huai Bin said...

I've got lots of movies to catch up on...this is definitely one of them.

Unknown said...

heavily censored but not the vulgarity, wtf

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