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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

Browsing over the Internet for a new smart phone, i went on to the Digi Online Store.

The link is

I was amazed at the great offers and benefits that they have with each device, being an Android supporter I clicked on the android phones and found such a great variety of the latest and most powerful devices.

After much thought, and my fondness over HTC phones, I would like to pick the HTC Evo 3D, In fact here is a picture of me with it, "photoshoped" =)

Owning a smartphone doesn't make you smart straight away! 

It's not like a meteor fell and hit your head and you somehow gain super human intelligence.

And when I say smart, I don really wanna look like this guy down here.

"A smart brain thinks of a smart plan, A curious brain comes up with a curious plan."
"What if I have a plan that can give me all the information I need at a bargain price?" 

Well I think I found the solution when I got the phone.

The Digi Smart Plans gives maximum data for the minimum of prices.

Surf to your hearts content because the waves of data provided by Digi Smart Plans are fast and unlimited!

How useful is unlimited data?

Scenario 1
- Lets say you are driving up north, it's your first time driving up north and you have a group of friends with you, earlier you said that directions to your destination will be a piece of cake but then suddenly you realize you are half lost.

What will you do in this scenario?
-Well, I don't know about you but I am gonna whip out my Android device and use google map, with a fast and unlimited data plan, I can get my directions so fast that my friends would not notice.

Your friends wouldn't even know , and you get all the credit for being such a great pioneer.

Scenario 2 
- You are in the middle of the lecture, 500 students and the lecturer decides that he/she will give an extra ten marks to whoever that answers the question on the board. You need that 10 marks to pass your finals, everyone starts to whip out their smart phone, you have no time to waste.

What will you do in this scenario?
- Just like everyone else, take out your smartphone, but the difference - you got DG Smartplan, faster and limitless data at your fingertip, not to mention that DiGi Android smartphones comes with many widgets that you can preinstall and put it on your homescreen. * now wipe that smirk of your face and get that 10 marks!*

You will probably feel like this guy after that!

There are a lot more scenarios in which DG Smartplan makes you smarter.

It makes a good ice breaker, take out your phone and stream a funny youtube video. Smart move.

With DG smartplan, I can surf the net with out fearing the lack of data and constantly being cautious with it.

DG Internet sure makes me feel like this guy down here!

So have your way with mobile internet. DG smartplans are definitely a great choice.

I finally found out what am I categorized as. 

I am a Fandroid! hahaha


Cutebun said...

Photoshop? I don't believe you. hahaha

Merryn said...

Owning a smart phone does not make you smart straight away! Muahahahaha... CORRECT! Me especially! >_<

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