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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Devil Inside 2012

Went to GSC MidValley for a premiere screening of this movie, sat at Hall 2

A bunch of actors and actress not known to me, I would say they did a better performance that I would have expected, especially Maria Rossi. 

What's it about:
Not one that is fresh and new, the film depicts a mockmentary  in which a daughter sets out to find out why her mother killed 3 people and admited to the crazy house in Roma.

Suspecting a supernatural explanation to the incident of her mother, she is set out to find the truth about what happened to her mother with the aide of her camera man and 2 Ordained Exorcist.

What I would say about it:
The trailer showed almost all the parts of the movies.

There was no proper direction as to where the film was going. You come out clueless and basically thoughtless as to what it was about, was it about the demon? was it about exorcising and family reunion? was it about self reflection

The scare factor was non existent although there were a little tense moment. 

They tried to give each character a throughout story but decided not explained the whole part of it.

During the exorcism on another girl, there was a moment where she was bleeding, there were multiple times where such things occur but there was no reason behind it what so ever, it was as though they just want to freak you out by twisting bodies and make it gory, I felt thet many other things could be more eerie and terrifying.

The exorcism was loud and spoke many words in it, but it lacked the intensity that it should give.

Most of the film was just build ups and there wasn't really actual scares or surprises even..

Towards the end of the film, as Tony from mentioned that the last part of the film was like a reality show where people starting bitching about each other.

The ending is not some you would wanna look forward to.

Rating: 1/5

Watchable rating: 0/5 

Critic Mode:

" In an effort to create a disturbing and realistic display of how scary an exorcism could be, it failed in engaging and provoking thoughts that this stuff was actually scary, many audience were instead.. laughing".benjaminfoo of


Koh Kian Fai said...

laughing at the horror movie means that this movie is a fail :/

Peeciella said...

LOL. I shall remember to avoid watching this movie in the cinemas. cause from your ratings it sounds like its not worth it to pay 11 bucks to watch HAHA

benjaminvai said...

Pris, its not worth to pay anything for this movie.

bendan said...

Only exorcism on the girl one scared me geli. Don't like the movie.

Unknown said...

I like the ending, where a guy behind me shouted "what the fuck!!" LoL =p

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