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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St Patrick's Day Guinness Launch


Guinness, never fails to amuse me, and this time around it's the St Patrick's Day launch.

We are really gonna have so "March" fun, not to mention, it's also my birth month as well.

so I am so gonna be partying as much as I can all March!

Before I show the laughter and excitement that has yet to come. Here are some of the things that WILL BE happening all March.

Central to the theme of this year’s celebrations – ‘Celebrate the laughter side of life’, GUINNESS® will be hosting a weekend of St Patrick’s fun at Changkat Bukit Bintang starting on the 16th of March 2012! From 6pm till 12am, Changkat Bukit Bintang will showcase the ‘laughter side of life’ with our fun loving buskers, entertaining games and hilarious comedy tours by some of the most hysterically funny people in the local stand-up comedy scene. Bring your mates and laugh your hats off at Havana Bar & Grill, The Social and Raggae Bar.

On the 17th March 2012, the much anticipated GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s Street Party at Changkat Bukit Bintang will be making a welcomed comeback! The streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang will be transformed into an iconic St Patrick’s street party from 6pm till late! Grab your mates and head on down to the party and drop by at our ‘Comedy Court’ to watch hilarious performances by some of the funniest people in the region. 

Besides that, GUINNESS® is also rallying hundreds and thousands of friends and fans from Malaysia and around the world to help make this year’s St Patrick’s the biggest, best and most enjoyable St. Patrick’s celebration. GUINNESS® is attempting to set a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the ‘Friendliest Day of the Year’ by getting 1 million people worldwide to pledge online at  and .  

Bustling with so many people around the area of Malones @ Pavillion KL, the event kick started with a ceremonial speech and the official opening of the Month with so "March" fun. 

And with this launch, the crowd could here awesome irish music in the back ground and from the entrance you Jesters and Masquerades and many other awesome people dancing and hopping in! It was definitely a sight to remember and I only wish I could have captured more of that moment.

An Aerial view of everyone enjoying themselves.

 Really! I don't think anyone could refrain from smiling after seeing this reall really enthusiastic girl dancing around!

There were two flash mob sessions dancing to the hits of LMFAO, I don't think flash mobs will ever be out of style! It's just so freaking MARCH fun!

 Hitomi was probably having too much fun.

 Isaac with his "Thumbs Up"

 We gots Wigs, and We Gots Balloons and hats as well!

Photos thks to :

The Friendliest Day of the Year doesn't end here!

GUINNESS® will also be hosting 13 GUINNESS® St Patrick’s parties throughout the Klang Valley. Be prepared to laugh your hats off with our entertaining hosts, thrilling games and fun loving St Patrick’s buskers who will certainly spread the St. Patrick’s cheer. So gather your friends and come join us at:

1. Beer Factory, Sunway Giza                                      2nd March 2012              
2. Jarrod & Rawlins, Damanasara Heights                 8th March 2012
3. Malones, KL Sentral                                                  8th March 2012
4. Royal Oak, Solaris Mont Kiara                                  9th March 2012
5. Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights                                  10th March 2012
6. Delaney’s, Bukit Bintang                                           15th March 2012
7. SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas                                       8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th March 2012
8. Bulldog, Sri Hartamas                                               16th March 2012
9. The Social, Bangsar                                                   22nd March 2012
10. Backyard, Sri Hartamas                                                               29th March 2012

So , you just KNOW you will have So March fun this Marchn with Guinness.!

The Devil Inside 2012

Went to GSC MidValley for a premiere screening of this movie, sat at Hall 2

A bunch of actors and actress not known to me, I would say they did a better performance that I would have expected, especially Maria Rossi. 

What's it about:
Not one that is fresh and new, the film depicts a mockmentary  in which a daughter sets out to find out why her mother killed 3 people and admited to the crazy house in Roma.

Suspecting a supernatural explanation to the incident of her mother, she is set out to find the truth about what happened to her mother with the aide of her camera man and 2 Ordained Exorcist.

What I would say about it:
The trailer showed almost all the parts of the movies.

There was no proper direction as to where the film was going. You come out clueless and basically thoughtless as to what it was about, was it about the demon? was it about exorcising and family reunion? was it about self reflection

The scare factor was non existent although there were a little tense moment. 

They tried to give each character a throughout story but decided not explained the whole part of it.

During the exorcism on another girl, there was a moment where she was bleeding, there were multiple times where such things occur but there was no reason behind it what so ever, it was as though they just want to freak you out by twisting bodies and make it gory, I felt thet many other things could be more eerie and terrifying.

The exorcism was loud and spoke many words in it, but it lacked the intensity that it should give.

Most of the film was just build ups and there wasn't really actual scares or surprises even..

Towards the end of the film, as Tony from mentioned that the last part of the film was like a reality show where people starting bitching about each other.

The ending is not some you would wanna look forward to.

Rating: 1/5

Watchable rating: 0/5 

Critic Mode:

" In an effort to create a disturbing and realistic display of how scary an exorcism could be, it failed in engaging and provoking thoughts that this stuff was actually scary, many audience were instead.. laughing".benjaminfoo of

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DiGi Android- a video about an app

Hi all,

As you all know, the android market has a huge variety of apps.

Here is a video of one the apps that I use. Foursquare.

In case you didn't know, Andy the Pink Android was handmade by my GF =) Tham Hui Min <3

So don't forget to go to

for more exciting Digi Android Devices


For the best deals for the best phones by DiGi Smart plan!

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

Browsing over the Internet for a new smart phone, i went on to the Digi Online Store.

The link is

I was amazed at the great offers and benefits that they have with each device, being an Android supporter I clicked on the android phones and found such a great variety of the latest and most powerful devices.

After much thought, and my fondness over HTC phones, I would like to pick the HTC Evo 3D, In fact here is a picture of me with it, "photoshoped" =)

Owning a smartphone doesn't make you smart straight away! 

It's not like a meteor fell and hit your head and you somehow gain super human intelligence.

And when I say smart, I don really wanna look like this guy down here.

"A smart brain thinks of a smart plan, A curious brain comes up with a curious plan."
"What if I have a plan that can give me all the information I need at a bargain price?" 

Well I think I found the solution when I got the phone.

The Digi Smart Plans gives maximum data for the minimum of prices.

Surf to your hearts content because the waves of data provided by Digi Smart Plans are fast and unlimited!

How useful is unlimited data?

Scenario 1
- Lets say you are driving up north, it's your first time driving up north and you have a group of friends with you, earlier you said that directions to your destination will be a piece of cake but then suddenly you realize you are half lost.

What will you do in this scenario?
-Well, I don't know about you but I am gonna whip out my Android device and use google map, with a fast and unlimited data plan, I can get my directions so fast that my friends would not notice.

Your friends wouldn't even know , and you get all the credit for being such a great pioneer.

Scenario 2 
- You are in the middle of the lecture, 500 students and the lecturer decides that he/she will give an extra ten marks to whoever that answers the question on the board. You need that 10 marks to pass your finals, everyone starts to whip out their smart phone, you have no time to waste.

What will you do in this scenario?
- Just like everyone else, take out your smartphone, but the difference - you got DG Smartplan, faster and limitless data at your fingertip, not to mention that DiGi Android smartphones comes with many widgets that you can preinstall and put it on your homescreen. * now wipe that smirk of your face and get that 10 marks!*

You will probably feel like this guy after that!

There are a lot more scenarios in which DG Smartplan makes you smarter.

It makes a good ice breaker, take out your phone and stream a funny youtube video. Smart move.

With DG smartplan, I can surf the net with out fearing the lack of data and constantly being cautious with it.

DG Internet sure makes me feel like this guy down here!

So have your way with mobile internet. DG smartplans are definitely a great choice.

I finally found out what am I categorized as. 

I am a Fandroid! hahaha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash! FEB 26th 2012

A birthday bash!

Oh wait you dunno whose birthday it is?

Well Well Well, aren't you a little bit slow on the information?

Let me tell you now, it's the birthday of my little buddy here.

Nuffnang and the Nuffnang stickman is gonna throw a birthday bash this 26th Feb and it's gonna be a great one!

The Stickmeister is not gonna be throwing just a normal birthday party.

*looks into crystal ball*

I see a lot of adventure that the Stickman  is ready for.

Wanna know?

Lets do this!

Whips out people! Looks like the Nuffnang Stickman is going on an adventure with Indiana Jones in search of the Crystal Skull!

It's gonna be an adventure of the lifetime, so pack your water bottles cause we are going outdoors and into the jungle!

*crackle crackle* * Twigs breaking*

Shhh~ we just finished our Crystal Skull trip and it seems that we are stuck somewhere else!


Where are we!?

Get ready to run cause we are getting away from these Dinosaurs as fast as possible, the Nuffnang Stickman sure has a nack for adventure!

*slips and fall*

*Stickman hands us a flyer and instruction and a backpack*

Oh yes, are you ready to get your game on? looks like the Nuffnang Stickman wants us to suit up and kick some butt.


bring it on aliens and predators! Team Nuffnang is here!.

and last but not least.

Of course a place to relax and chill after all the hectic things.

Prepare to spew Rainbows!

And here is where we are gonna snack and dine, pure Nutella goodness before heading back to Club Neverland for more party!!

Happy Early Birthday Nuffnang! 

Looking forward to your birthday bash and hope its just as my crystal ball shows!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day , special if you think it CAN be

Not Doing much for Valentine's Day, ( I am such a loser)

But seeing as everyone is making a big deal of it.

Hope you guys have a good day spent and still love each other tomorrow.

To all the (self proclaimed) forever alone people, by saying that you are alone, is basically dissing everyone else who wouldn't mind spending time with you.

Well, if you guys have anytime.

Check out my new page to document my awesome moments with Tham Hui Min ( GF, Guardian Force = see FF8)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Pavilion KL


Konichiwa Minna-san! Genki desuka?

Hi everyone! Everyone doing well?

Many of you know me as a Pro Japan kind of guy, from Animes to Mangas, from Japanese Game Shows to Japanese Rock Music.

Well Japanese food is no exception, oh wait! I did another review earlier on? Oh well my love for Japanese cuisine knows no bounds!

Let's see where did I go this time?

*ravages bag* *takes out cue card*

Introducing Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant!  Newly open not long ago with 2 outlets and expanding more in months to come. One is situated in One Utama whilst the other is in Pavilion KL which is where I got to try out their dinner menu for 4!

More precisely its the
Premium Dinner Menu for 4 

Original price is rm 288 ++
Offer price is RM 200 ++

Here is what we had, *gulp*

 Here we have the 4 kings of the Citrus drink kingdom, well in my opinion, its just Limau Ais with different mixture, Citrus is very popular in Japan but in Malaysia we are very use to it. Limau Ais anyone?

There is one that is mixed with Cola, like that wan the most.

Hello there Salad, I think I see you with a little dressing? The salad is really good, the dressing use for it is really unique and special. *good stuff*

 Tempura are always a common sight in Japanese Set meals , the vege was fried well so it did not have that overcooked texture, mixing the radish into the tempura sauce was really worth it.

 Say hello to the Sashimi set, now the most important thing with eating Sashimi is freshness,  and you can definitely feel the freshness in these babies. 

 A sushi set is not to be forgotten in a set for 4 , a range of freshly made sushi of fine ingredients catered to our sushi craving, each one was prepared fresh and delicious.

 Wafu Pizza! A fusion food with a ultra thin crust topped with cheese and fresh meat, a savory choice not to be missed.

 Here are the medium rare bite size Beef chunks, what's good about these nugget size meats are the juiciness and the tenderness it was able to keep when cooked. (recommended)

 Sukiyaki~~~~~~~~~ Hot pots are to die for in my food menu, but.. for this one , even though the meat is good. They should put more broth into the pot as it was only half full, it should at least be 75% full, plus some might consider it a bit too salty for their liking, a choice to add salt would be better than to make it salty at the beginning.

 Tokyo Gyudon, Rice mixed with sliced beef and an egg, stirring this dish into a good mixture provides a good texture and flavor to the whole bowl of great rice. 

 Nothing beats a good dessert after a good meal, Matcha, Chocolate , Vanilla and Sesame are the flavours available, Chocolate is the best .

Here is a family portrait of our Premium Dinner set for 4.

"An overall good meal and experience, the place has a really good ambience to it. However I do not think Rm200++ is a good enough price to attract and maintain returning customers, a good party pack but not much of a crowd pleaser"-

Thanks again to Watami! 

Watami Malaysia @ Pavilion KL
C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2141 6671

Watami Malaysia @ 1 Utama
1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: +603-7727 1399\

Menu Link :

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ramen Taiko @ Hartamas Shoplex

We have all always heard how much certain people enjoy Japanese Food like Sushi as a general statement. But  many might not realize, there are categories regarding Japanese dishes as well.

One such category would be the Japanese Chuka category , Chuka dishes originated in China, but have become modified over the years to suit Japanese taste, often with Japanese or even Western foods. They have changed enough that they are not identified as Chinese dishes by the Chinese themselves. -Wikipedia

I have the opportunity to have a meal with one such restaurant located at a cozy little corner near 1 Mont Kiara Mall.

The thing I adore most about these restaurants are the familiarity and homeliness it gives when you come pay a visit, you can be sure this place serves great tasting food with such a serene environment.

Here are some of the delicious dishes that are available at Ramen Taiko.

 Here is a scoop of the Sashimi Lou Sang that they had on offer, very different as if includes a variety of sliced and diced vegetables and Pamelo Fruit satchet.

 The Pan Fried Gyoza was really well done as the inside and the outside was cooked equally and manage to secure the moisture of the meat enough to keep it juicy yet dry at the same time.

 Here is something we would all love~ The Chashu , sound almost similar to our local Char Siew Meat, The Chashu is sliced to a thin layer and server on a salty sauce with a good flavor in the meat.

 Buta Kakumi is the name of this dish, Buta is Pig in Japanese Romaji . The meat for this is marinated well before cooked at a very slow fire, taste kinda like Bak Kut Teh meat, the fats are to die for!

 Nothing Special about the Subuta though, taste just like Sweet Sour Pork. ='(

 Now we have Pumpkin Koroke right here, a very popular Japanese snack that I love, fried to a crisp with lot of sweet goodness in the flavor.

 My Favorite Dish of the day, the Mabo Tofu. Mabo Tofu is meant to be spicy numbness in its taste, Ramen Taiko really made this well as the combination of spiciness and flavor is just balances , many restaurant tend to over do it on the spiciness.

 Rainbow Maki, like the name suggests, you can spew rainbow over this dish, no questions ask. It's just really good Maki. =)

 Nama Harumaki, the dish that I have a love hate relationship going on with it, I love it for the pretty colours and decoration, but I hate it cause I was really sad when I had to eat it la! Taste really good by the way * munch munch*

 So I heard you like Korean Dramas? This is of course the KimChi Ramen, I know we are in the Japanese Food Category , but good food should be available everywhere, like this Ramen for it's spiciness. Really good fermenting on the KimChi Cabbages.

 Nagasaki Chanpon, or as I would like to call it, the seafood supreme of Ramens, great tasting seafood soup base, I felt like I was drinking the ocean.

 The Matcha Ice Cream with Red bean paste, on first taste it already became my favorite Dessert. Awesome Matcha taste in it, not too sweet, just right!

Ramen Taiko Japanese Cuisine
Shoplots Mon't Kiara,Jalan Kiara,Mon't Kiara, 
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50480
03-2096 1822 ‎

Do Come for a visit now and then!

"The only thing I would complain about is probably the pricing, it could use a Rm3 - Rm 4 price reduction just to be competitive, but it is definitely fine quality food."

Bersih 3.0 and I

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