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Monday, January 16, 2012

Test driving the Volkswagen cars

It was a beautiful Saturday morning.

At the Desa Parkcity Waterfront car park the sun was shining, 

I was here to do some test driving,

* puts shades on*

Let's do some driving!

A big whooping shout out to Nuffnang for the chance to do this!!


And of course Volkswagen Malaysia as well!!


So right here below you can see some of the gorgeous babies already parked or being taken for drives around the Desa Park City park.

But that white one in the middle is not for test drive, we know who it belongs to but we have no idea why is it just sitting in the middle without a purpose. LoL.

 Many bloggers were present for the experience and maybe to see which car to buy? Nyek nyek nyek.

 Nuffies and Volkies (lol, Volkswagen personnels) hard at work making sure we got our test drives. tqvm.

A banner about the TSI engine that is the soul of the VW motors.

When we werent test driving, we hide under this great big canopy ^^.



*felt a million glares from the back*


OKAY! Here are the cars la sheesh.

*drool* very amazing indeed. Here is a list of the cars that were available for test driving.

They are pretty new in the market so be sure to go to Volkswagen Malaysia to check them out.

  • Polo 1.2 TSI
    • Small and sleek, a good choice for many first time car owners, suitable for girls.
  • Golf 1.4 TSI
    • Compact and speedy, great control and feel, definitely a car to your consideration if you want to have that slight edge for pick up.
  • Passat CC 2.0 TSI
    • Most badass of them all, luxurious, classy and definitely powerful. 
  • Jetta 1.4
    • Economical and just nice, a good choice for a family car as the seats are spacious and comfortable for road trips with a full car.
  • Passat 1.8
    •  Similar to the Passat CC, a more basic interior but a good choice if you want a cheaper alternative to the Passat CC.
  • Polo GTI
    •  The love of many people, going from 0 to 100 in 4 secs, who wouldn't wan this baby, not to mention it's small so you can be sure parking will be easy peasy.
My Favorite would be the Passat CC 2.0

Running on the TSI engine with 2.0 CC engine, this baby can go from 0-90 kmh in 4 seconds. It is of the luxury class models of the cars, similar to the Passat 1.8 but the interrior is totally different.

Passat CC spots a leather interrior that gives a very classy feeling to it, not to mention that the seats are so spacious and comfortable that if feels like i m sitting on a kings sofa chair.

Both stylish and classy , this bad boy comes in 8 different colors and 2 different interrior colors , pick the one you like and i know this guy wont disappoint you.

For more info you can find em here. Passat CC specs .

And of course, we never forget to enjoy life even when we are test driving. smiles.

"Passat CC is definitely my favorite with the Polo series a close second, i prefer spacious cars cause I can pick up more people with it, bring more people to awesome events as I say again and again, good company brings good"

Question: Would I consider buying a Volkswagen in the future?

Answer: Yes, Volkswagen really impressed me and it would definitely be the recommended choice for me and my friends in the future.

So there ends my test driving experience, it's definitely something worth putting it in the books.

see ya!


Isaac Tan said...

Awesome. Seems like loads of fun there! Get a vw soon bro!

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. drive so luxury car.. must be very good experience

Simple Person said...

Was thinking about Passat cc...
The rear view is really "unique" different from others.
on 2nd thought... there are many new models coming out - Honda crv, civic n toyota as well... let's wait n c.....

Unknown said...


benjaminvai said...

@isaac , you get la bro

@nikel, yea very good experience, made me feel that my iswara no power

@simple person, yea to get a good car definitely hard to decide because we have to throw in some personal preference as well.

@eric, no la you the boss

FiSh said...

hahas test drive edi then must buy k? waiting for your new car xP

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SiMon Har said...

hey! u sure those cars can achieve 100km/h in 4secs? it's like a Lambo already XD

choulyin.tan said...

wah so awesome...I wan a VW too :D i sat in the Golf before..but abit pening pening -.-"

Ken Wooi said...

so awesome ahhh! :D

michleong said...

I was so busy trying to test everything, so didn't get to take much photos. haha!

Unknown said...

i also have a 1987 Vanagon Syncro with a 2.2l subaru engine and have been through 1990 Jetta GLi (ex-wife's car) and 1996 Jetta Trek. they were all good cars and didnt give me much trouble (other than typical maintinance stuff)

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