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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The President Game

Also can be the known as the logic less drinking game.

Sporting people (important)
Lots of beer/alcohol
Playing cards

The most effective way to play this game is to play Chor Dai Dee also known as Big 2 .

The first round is the initiation stage, Big 2 is usually play with 4 people, in the case that there are more den four people, another deck is added into the mix and 13 cards are issued to each player.


If someone gets 5 of the same card it will only be considered as four of a kind.

After the first round, the winner is called the President , second winner is the Vice President and the loser is called the Asshole or anything else u wanna call it. The rest are the middle men.

Ranks of power

President- During next game, whenever the President feels like asking someone to drink, he/she must drink, he can ask everyone to drink at one go as well. This is while playing the next round, so if the current president loses he/she would be in trouble next round. haha.

Vice President- Same power as president but only difference is He/she cant make the president drink.

Asshole? or what ever : This is the loser of the previous game he/she must deal the cards for the next round, during this time he/she has the power to ask anyone (including the president and vice president) to drink. Another rule is that before the Asshole? touches the cards after he deals no one is allowed to touch until the Asshole? touches. You will have to drink if you touch. a 15 min limit is given to Asshole before the game start.

Execution:  This game is totally totally unlocked besides the few rules, and you can give stupid reasons to make the other people drink. For example: "my backside itchy , everyone drink a mouth" get it?

Warning:  This game is made to screw everyone up while having fun so be prepared with puking and of course it is advisable not to drive after this.

Best Thing:  The funny thing about this game is the shit excuses that you come up with to ask the others to drink and also the rubbish one would come up with just to suck up to the president.

The Middle men:  Basically these guys are the victims.

Why play? :You will only understand it's fun if you play it, I suggest you to invite me to play along you for a demo. XD, you will also need a really sporting attitude to be able to play.

This game was introduced to me by my high school friends during New Year's Eve and we had 6 people playing and 2 fella KO.

Here are some footage of the super fun time.

This game was made known through me so I hope you guys just share it out for the fun of it and don't take credit for it.

"Play it for the fun of it, but be responsible and have a good time laughing at each other. Drink responsibly and go exercise often"
Just becareful you don' end up like this.

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