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Monday, January 16, 2012

Play! FT Island Concert in Malaysia 2012

After my awesome Volkswagen Test Drive experience. Went to eat McD with JiaYeen and Michelle.

Suddenly my HTC Evo 3D rings  *annyeongiran mal Hello, hello ijen Goodbye, goodbye* .

I said "Annyeong haseyo~" 

Over the phone "Ei Ben, Genee here , you want go watch Ft Island Concert tonight ar?" 

Me: huh? what?

Genee: You want go watch Ft Island tonight or not? I got a pair of tickets.

Me: *blur* ok ok sure.


*cricket sounds*

and then

ME- Benjaminfoo

I am going to Ft Island concert man! Hard to believe. Actually I still cant believe

So Genee came over to McD, said bye to Michelle and dropped Jia Yeen and we were off to Stadium Negara. *grin widely*

apparently she don't really have friends who would be interested, haha.

 We went to pick up the ticket and found out it was VIP, wooooots.
I would want to go rock zone though but VIP is a privilege man.

 This is the 6pm crowd but I think some were already here at 6am.

This here is our entraaance , the sangat penting orang entrance.

There was some time left so we decided to take a look around at the merchandises.

Of course the things they sold were not to say up to standard la but den again, the bottom two picture was like a different boy group altogether. 

The girls there took a long time to pick haha. TAKE ALL LA!

We chilled and Anti social a bit looking at our smart phones respectively while tweeting in cyber space! #winningtwitterfacebooksocialmedia.

When the time finally came, everyone gushed in to secure a good place. lucky for us , ours were no worries, chillax somemore.

And around 8.00pm we were finally in.

and now the wait. *glee*

 *Look front*

 *Look left*

 *Look right*


After awhile more of waiting and Genee sulking as she couldn't bring her camera in

The lights turned off.

*screams by fans all around*

They started with I hope, the first song I listened from them, dam awesome stuff.

next it was followed by this song.

"Bing Bing Bing"

After another song, it was followed by their popular

"Hello Hello" which is also my ringtone.

The songs after that were

  • I Will Get You
  • Love Love Love
  • I Want 
  • Let It Go 
  • Flower Rock
If I am not mistaken, could have missed out some! hahaha

I lost track of the songs after that, completely into the mood.

"Their songs are rockish, but behind each song there is a grey sensation, each lyric tells a tale that someone would be able to relate to and even shed a tear for it but they make it so much more soothing than actually just plain rocking. It's comforting"

Here comes the acoustic performance that left me speechless, so awesome.

Sunshine Girl

I Confess

The concert went pretty crazy well, Hong Ki was simply amazing! Singing songs after songs, I am really impressed considering a lot of the song needs high pitch melodies.

And also here are some effect shots that came out pretty cool. 





Vintage Warm

They just kept rocking all the way, it was pretty unbelievable for me to be actually see them perform live in front of me.

They decided to end it with the song "Primadonna" as a tribute to their fans who are nicknamed Primadonnas.

and then they went off stage, the stage was dark, the crowds stood screaming "encore encore"

and of course like many entertainers, this wasn't the end.

A planned encore ensued with 3 last songs.

They came out all wearing white.

Here is the final video of the finale~ so sad T.T

You gotta love the last part when they were singing "like birds" ,  the papers shot out and looked like thousands of white birds.

So awesome la the concert. So sad la end already.
fanboy man me. =).

Bye bye Ft Island, see you again soon.

Thanks again to Genee for the invite!

Pictures were all taken with the HTC EVO 3D


Koh Kian Fai said...

Sepia effect was good! haha my younger sis will be prolly wanted to go this concert . . . BADLY haha

Wilee Tee said...

so many people went !

Charmaine Pua said...

=.= same ringtone with me... btw VIP seat also kinda far ar... they look so tiny LOL! But it's an awesome experience to be there la :)

Chuen said...

wah so nice! I didn't know about this event until the day before =.=

benjaminvai said...

@kianfai thx thx

@wilee hahah Ft island of course la

@charmaine haha u like them too? i chg ringtone lo

@chuen hehe why u so slow wan.

Xue Ren said...

woots! u're a KPop fan eh? :D

missyblurkit said...

you lucky boy!

Unknown said...


soulesscloudy said...

I was there... FT Island really amazing..

All the while Kpop i tot like Super Junior just dancing dancing.. But Le HongKi voice so rocking powerful...

One word.. Awesome

Jessica HuayWen said...

hey! i am a primadonna! your post is no nice that bring me back to 114! they are really awesome right?! i was at the first row of rock zone! hahahahaa

Anne said...

It's good to see the photos of the bands and the people who watched the show. You've taken great photos. What camera did you use to capture the photos? wedding photography

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