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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organic Recipe, Kayu Ara

Finally, I am gonna blog about this. Waited so long for the right time to blog about this. Hehe.

Well, the thing that always comes up second to the word "Family" during Chinese New Year, is the word "Food" .

Seeing that it is gonna be a another bloat fest over the Chinese New Year period, this is probably the best place for you to go to have it all cleanse out. =)

Organic Recipe
Organic Recipe Restaurant, B3-07-09, Casa Utama, Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama, PJU 6A, 47400
(Front entrance photo:

It's located at a very secluded part of Damansara, you will need to turn in to a Kampung area before the Shell station before the tropicana toll at centre point.

It's a very unique building because it took a floor of a low storey condo and got turned into a restaurant.

Away from the busy city streets, the restaurant gives out a very "village" feel that is very relaxing and comfortable.

Moving on to some of the dishes that are available in the restaurant.

These up here are the appetizers and fresh fruit punch tea that was serve to us to get our stomachs ready. =)
Quite a nice blend of none meat taste.

 Tom Yum Soup in coconut fruit.

"The soup itself is cooked with coconut juice, with the basic tom yum spices and organic vegetables and mush, it really taste like tom yum with a refreshing feeling from the coconut juice so it's not heaty, could use a bit more chili though."

 Stir fry beans and taufu

"A basic dish, stir fried chopped french beants, and taufu. Nothing special just that no MSG was used."

 Fried Mushrooms with Pumpkin Floss

"Taste like fried squid with chicken floss, very nice to be eaten alone."-benjaminfoo

 Grilled Fish in Thai Sauce.

"The first part is actually beancurd skin folded and fried before being dipped in Thai sauce, a very nice dish and it goes well with the rice"-benjaminfoo

 Taufu with mushroom filling

"I love Taufu, so yea. A good dish if you like to eat taufu, other then that you can move on"-benjaminfoo

 Fried "beef" in chili spices.

"Easily my favorite dish of the day, because of it being almost identical to real beef besides the after taste because it is actually the black fungy mushroom "dong gu""-benjaminfoo

 Orange Juice Pork Ribs

"well, this one is just really bad, outer part is beancurd skin , the part that is used to imitate the pork rib bones are carrot sticks. The taste is bad, it doesnt go well at all, it would be great with real meat, but this is just a bad dish."-benjaminfoo

 Brown rice is very healthy and helps with digestive problems and a good remedy to constipation as well.

 Here is the dessert that was offered to us.
"Fresh Fruit Pizza"
Can you name all the fruits used?

And a shot of Tiramisu to finish our healthy lunch session.

So since you will be gobbling down those chickens and bakuas all Chinese New Year,

Why not set up a detox plan for days AFTER Chinese New Year Seasons?

A good diet is always a good way to stay healthy ^^.

If you are looking for organic products, Organic Recipe offers a wide range or products so that you dont have to search high and low for places that sell these.

It's like a treasure box of organic products. 

There are even products such as forks and plates that are recycled and made with organic materials.

"It's not just about staying healthy by eating organic food and maintaining a diet, it's about a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it for a better more active future."-benjaminfoo


Nikel Khor said...


Simple Person said...

eat healthy eat organic....

Rebecca Saw said...

Except fr that one dish. Hahaha

FiSh said...

from your first food picture, i thought it's a buffet meal. hahas eat healthily during CNY is such a blessing :P

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Anne Lee said...

the fresh fruits pizza is kinda interesting.

Josarine said...

Wow... i dare you to eat like that for 1 month everyday. Haha... btw what camera did you use? Picture quality looks really good.

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