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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Open Rice Malaysia

It's 6pm, you are still in the office.... because you don't know where to have dinner.

It's 6.15pm, your friends call you up ask you for dinner.... "where shall we eat?" 

It's 6.30pm, sms comes "let's eat, but where?"

These are some of the scenarios that we often face when we want to eat out.

It's not just for dinner, every hour of the day , we as Malaysians tend to get the munchies.

So right now, something great has landed on the cyber spaces of Malaysia.

Let me introduce to you the website that has a data base of over 12,000 food reviews of the eateries of Malaysia.

It's sweeping the web with a field of brightly lit menus and a heaven of foody delights that makes your saliva glands erupt.

Head on over to and check out the reviews.

Here is how the main page looks.

Our country has food at every corner of the street, you can see road side nasi lemaks and tau fu fah trucks, rows of shop that are packed with cafes and restaurants.

When you talk about variety, I cant think of any other place that has so many food from so many culture at one place. OpenRice Malaysia is your telescope to seek out not just the best but also the most personalized food that suits your sensational taste buds.

To care is to share, most of the reviews here are shared by fellow food lovers such as yourself, they come from the different parks and tamans that have secret locations with glorious delicious food that might not be known to many people. 

Reviews pour in everyday from food critics to bloggers who just love to share their experience and recommendation to the rest of the lot, and you can be part of the movement to bring food hunting mainstream!

I know you've been eyeing on this one a long time ago, hehe. The best thing about this is that it's oh- soooooo SIMPLE! 

Not only you have a tummy full of good food, you get to make more friends and caring score via reviewing and letting the rest of us know of great food places. OpenRice Malaysia also comes with a reward program that rewards their loyal supporters and reviewers with vouchers, gadgets and much much more.

How to get started?

 Attn! "Hoi Fan" = direct translation from Open Rice which also means to start dining in Cantonese =)

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IceCreamBun said...


You make me hungry!


Isaac Tan said...

lol! very creative bro

Henry Lee said...

so bila nak hoi fan? :P

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