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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Napbas 2011: Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

Ok~ I think I am a little late with this post, I couldn't find the right time to dish this awesome night out.

Everyone posted this up like a month and a half ago... >.<" gomen!

Well, seeing as RED.FM is giving a chance for someone to a trip to the grammy's, it's kind of thrilling if you actually won it.

Since I am not so fortunate to even give it a try, I had a chance to attend something that was far more exciting in my own point of view.

I was given the chance to attend NAPBAS 2011.


Tweets after tweets and discussions on what to where and how to go ensued for the next 2-3weeks after the invitations were handed out. 

Isaac and I even went on a guys evening out and scouted the whole One Utama for a good and affordable coat but #epicfail. 

Eventually I was able to loan a blazer and Isaac got his shiny shiny from KLCC. Tailored made siut, like mafia.

Then there was the issue of transportation as Putrajaya seemed so far. 

Lucky enough, Nuffnang called.... 

"Ben ar, You want be part of the VOLKSWAGEN convoy to Napbas ar? we got extra space give u la. (macam second rated ) (JK LA!)."

"OF COURSE" said I.

Took off day that day to be prepared for it, lol ... really macam small kid. Not like I was nominated oso , tapi I was very excited, BECAUSE! I am gonna meet soooo many people whom i never meet before in real life.

Haven reach Napbas already meet Teycindy, Jamieliew for the first time. Tall girls there~

The one that pening kepala behind , my ji mui Kah Mon 

Isaac was in front, he very buddy with our friendly driver.

We set off from Zouk KL, cause the after party was gonna be there. 

Took us about an hour to reach Napbas and it was a freaking big place.

Reach already of course mingle mingle jingle jingle lo~ hehe.


Soon we were ushered into the main hall to be seated. 

Here is my awesome table.

and then here is my awesome meal

Fine Dining style man, haha 

There were many performances alongside  the award presentations, such as stand up comedies, dance acts and even pole dancing (SHIVERS). 

Time after time, a rush of anxiety comes right before the announce the winner followed by thunderous applauds and cheers.

 I really like how they put the nominations on the white screen behind like banner, it's digital so it changes from the different awards that were given out.

Our fellow happy nominated bloggers taking one last session of pic before heading out to other places.

The night ended glamorously without delay and soon enough we were all mingling and snapping about again. 

Very very happy to see so many faces , so many people whom I wanted to meet but still i shy shy want to talk to them, sigh kung fu not strong enough yet. Must buck up.

We went over to Zouk KL for the after the party and Unfortunately this was the only pic i could salvage over the internet.

Thanks Mich~ for the pic.

Here is the Winners list.

NAPBAS Best Photography Blog -
NAPBAS Best Geek Blog -
NAPBAS Best Food Blog -
NAPBAS Best Fashion Blog -
NAPBAS Most Original Blog Design -
NAPBAS Best Parenting Blog -
NAPBAS Best Travel Blog -
NAPBAS Best Entertainment Blog -
NAPBAS Best Lifestyle Blog -
NAPBAS Hidden Gem -
NAPBAS Best Micro Blog -
NAPBAS Most Influential blog -
NAPBAS Region's Best blog -


Napbas 2011

"A night memorable to the winners, enjoyable to the nominated and absolutely pleasant to all those who attend, I went through the nominated blogs at one point and all I see is effort after effort of creating, sharing and making so many things worthwhile about each others lives. Thanks Nuffnang again for this inspiring invite to yet again push me on for the years to come. One day, I would wanna be there too , with the rest of course, I don wanna be lonely at the top (if it ever happens la)

I hope to attend again , in years to come.

This time I will let my good friend mr. Elwyn , sign off for me, or rather . walk off.

Thx Elwyn for ur help. 


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Nikel Khor said...

kindly late post wor..

Isaac Tan said...

better late than never.. it was THE night! good memories there ..

Ken Wooi said...

oh yeah.. better late than never!
great night that was! :D

bendan said...

LMAO~ What la... become jimui means u're jimui means u gotta wear skirts and have pillow talk n girl nights with me. WTF jz kidding.

*punch on chest* great to have u btw, jimui. Great post. =]

Cutebun said...

Nice one!

Koh Kian Fai said...


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