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Monday, January 2, 2012

Jack And Jill 2011


"Jack (Sandler) and Jill (Sandler) are twins, the brother sister annoyance are maxed out when Jill decides to stay longer than she intended too and things gets a little closer to the edge.""

Adam Sandler, one of my favorite comedy actors all time. In Jack and Jill he takes on a double role being twins and it is definitely in his capabilities to pull such an act so there was no surprise there.

The Cameo appearances were quite amusing, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal appeared in a commercial pitch for ham, Johnny Depp appeared at a Lakers court side with Al Pacino wearing a Justin Bieber T shirt(gawd!) and the usuals in most Adam Sandler movies Rob Schneider and David Spade being their usual added comic relief.  

Simple story of how the brother suddenly feels bad for mistreating the only member of his family that shared the same time together since they were born.

You really don't need much inspiration to write a story like this let alone film it, it's just a very very basic plotted feel good film.

The idea to get the opinions from real life twins was different, and adding them at the beginning and at the end was pretty sweet. 

The jokes were not really funny besides some very subtle lines that some people might get it.

It was a fast and good flowing feel good comedy that did not drag much, everything was fast and straight to the point. 

Certainly one of the lowest Adam Sandler films,it just didn't feel like an Adam Sandler film anymore.

I believe nothing made the whole film to talk about besides one or two lines. full stop.

Being a fan of Adam Sandler, The roles of Jack and Jill never suited him, it was very unfocused and half hearted in both roles.

Comedy is my favorite genre and i get tickled very easily over the dumbest things, and I find myself hard to laugh this out , even the audience were quite besides certain sexual innuendos that gave cheap laughter.

Wrapping it up:

Mission Impossible 4 provided more laughs then this film that was categorized as comedy, that shows how bad it is. It is with a heavy heart as I rate this movie in the ratings below. There are many other movies in the lineup than to watch this.

Rating: 1/5

Watchable rating: 1/5

Critic Mode:

"Badly timed jokes, cliche toilet humors, a forceful moral input of loving siblings, Adam Sandler is trying too hard to make a family feel good movie into an enjoyable laugh till you die and memorable 10 years later, I had trouble remembering this 10 mins out of the cinema.".benjaminfoo of


missyblurkit said...

i saw snippets of this movie. it did look hillarious based on the snippets. hmmm now not too sure whether to catch it or not based on your review.

i didn;t enjoy MI4. it lacked the essence of the first MI. it did provide a good laugh though:P

benjaminvai said...

@missy, maybe u should download it. or risk watching it. den at least you know how my review fairs to your taste.

yea MI 1 is still the best. MI 4 did not disappoint being the 4th installment in a none continuous franchise.

Josarine said...

I was thinking of watching this movie... But thanks to your review... I might now.

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