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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yippee Cup - Drinks of all sorts!

 Yippee Cups takes pride on being around since 2001 and I can definitely remember it's presence.

My friends and I use to chill here all the time during our secondary school times.

The One Utama branch (now no more) was our best hang out spot when waiting for movie time!

Coming back here sure bring back memories.

This time I have a chance for a taste of their revamped menu and of newly renovated shop and concept.

 Preparing for the Christmas season , even the newly made signboard seem to give a cheerful glow!

 Counter is changed with a apple green colour scheme, fresh new look!

There is even a sofa for comfortable sitting, pretty nice!

Moving on, we were showered with drinks of all variety!

Chocolate Oreo Blend – RM8.90

Vanilla Oreo Blend – RM8.90

Gui Ling Roasted Milk Tea – RM5.90

Brown Rice Green Milk Tea – RM4.90

Signature Pearl Milk Tea – RM5.90

Coconut Green Bean Blended - RM7.90

Chocolate Moo – RM5.90


Here are the snacks that you can get to complement the awesome drinks!

The snacks are pretty good, but maybe a bit expensive =( my fav is the fried Bean curd!

 Crispy Fried Beancurd – RM4.50

 Seafood Tempura – RM6.50

 Crispy XL Fried Chicken – RM7.50

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Waffo – RM4.00

"This is call Waffo, it's a special batter that is made by Yippee Cup recipe, crispy on the outside but soft and nice on the inside!"

Lemon Milk Tea with Ramen – RM5.90

"One of my favourite drinks, mostly because I <3 sour drinks, lemon especially, the lemon smell is refreshing and the sourness is just right for me, the ramen is actually noodle shape jelly in which the thickness gives a texture that feels like ramen rather unique, MUST TRY with RAMEN!"

Strawberry Oreo Blend – RM8.90

"One more of my favourite drink, I <3 strawberry as well, the oreo blends mix well with the strawberry so it gives a very balanced taste of refreshing sourness and heart warming sweetness, DOUBLE LIKE!"

Group Shots are the best!
From left , Yin, Yew, owners, Michelle, Isaac , Henry

"Offering a rich variety of milk tea and assorted drinks, Yippee Cup fill your drinking cups with choices that will suit anyone who comes along the way, and with the new take away concept, pack it up and bring it back and enjoy it over a nice tv show!"

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That's not all see what they have for you during this festive seasons!

and of course a chance to get yourself a really nice Christmas present!

Head on to Yippee Cup now!


Some photos are taken from Isaac, Henry and Yew


Choulyew said...

wheee! haha nice to see all positive reviews. lol craving for the drink now lar D:

Isaac Tan said...

Yippee Cup, makes us happy :)

michleong said...

It was good! Like the signature drink the most and...the tempura <3

missyblurkit said...

i love the name...and its been ages since i've been there since we no longer watch liverpool matches there.

but the snacks looks like awesome reason to return to the place and chill:D

Henry Lee said...

eh how come ur quote, the font some big some small? style ah? haha... the waffo is rm4 btw... i would go back for the chocolate moo and also snacks. Since it's near, why not? :)

Nikel Khor said...

Yippee cup.. try before.. Love their chocolate Moo.. refreshing and cure my thirsty

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