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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We R Malaysia- A musical


What's Going on?

We ‘R’ Malaysia - There Is Hope, The Musical is at first, a brief travel back in time through the history of the Chinese in Malaysia. From the first and second waves of Chinese initially arriving in the 1400’s and later in the late 1800’s, the story continues to the struggle for Independence. Merdeka marks a turning point in Chinese sentiments towards Malaya. With origin initially rooted in homeland China, the post Merdeka Chinese generation are now granted citizenship, and make Malaya their new home.

The 1980’s experiences unprecedented economic growth from an agricultural economy to an industrialized one. Crossing over to the second millennium, an emerging generation is born into an IT economy era. The past of hard sweat and struggles are mostly left behind and a younger and more affluent generation faces fresh challenges, different from what their forefathers encountered.

The second part of The Musical revolves around Ah Xiong, a young Malaysian Chinese boy who grows up during the unprecedented economic growth of the 1980’s. His older brother, James graduates and becomes a successful lawyer in London. Hoping to reunite the family, Ah Xiong travels to London and attempts to persuade James to return for a visit. Unable to take time off his busy schedule, James sends his son Alosyius to Malaysia under the care Ah Xiong.

As time passes, Aloysius is later offered a scholarship in Britain. However instead of jumping at the opportunity, he’s determined to stay in Malaysia and continue Uncle Ah Xiong’s dreams. Ah Xiong is faced with the challenge of mentoring his nephew. It is a task he feels inadequate to handle on his own. Aloysius’s future now lies in the hands of those who are older, with those who will genuinely invest their lives into the next generation.

Extracted completely from Mynn Lee, Thankies ^^


"Did not really want to write a whole synopsis base on something so straight forward and mundane"

Firstly, I wanna thank Erin and Jasemaine from Very Imaginative People for a chance to watch this musical, their hospitality and professionalism was probably the highlight of the night.

Arrive slightly early and was treated to a buffet style dinner for the media. THANKS!

We were den ushered to our sits up front specially prepared for us.

The crowd was growing steadily as we sat down.

 As the Crowd start to fill in, we sat there chatting on what we were expecting.

 Probably the biggest turn off, I have no idea why the Emcce bothered to put on a thick fake accent from wherever, it was very disturbing annoying and disappointing. 
You can speak proper english , why you wan make it sound like you alien from other world.

 The one who spearheaded the project, Ms Joyce, met her later after te show, a very strong willed and determined lady.

One of the Many backgrounds used.

So the show started of slightly late.

 A rather lost china themed actor, his addition to the cast and scenes were a bit of er. addition. I don't think he was needed, even as a comic relief. 

 Settings of an old chinese society in Malaysia, Feels more like Shanghai I have to say.

 I sometimes wonder when did Manglish originated, because the dialogues between these two married couple spoke as if they were in new age Malaysia.

 Of course a singing session is always needed, the kid was stoning the whole time here. haha

 Mr King made a special appearance, I want to believe that his entrance was to mark the era that Malaysia was in at that time, but there was really not much indication.

 I think this scene was to show how competitive and hard was it for children to study at that time, Chinese Childrend in general as you can hear these people talking about their children results and acceptance into learning Institutions 

 Clearly video was in now, This scene was mainly showing how the dad was always busy at home, how the boy was always alone and that mom was always consoling him that dad will be back soon to play with him.

 It was den followed by song that was saying how hard was "dad" working to get money.

The main character on the left Xiong, goes to London where his brother James was doing quite well over the years, Xiong hopes to bring his brother back to Malaysia but was of course turned down.

The later parts of the show , presents how many Malaysian Chinese tend to want to migrate and come back but there are some that still wanna stay no matter what, because there is a sense of home and calmness being in Malaysia.

What musical would be if not for the last all together sing along rite?

 Oh yea, Dearest Dtk Chua Soi Lek was there as well, greeting the actors as they get ready for a group shot.

One of the thing that caught my biggest attention was that all the music was played by a live band.
*applause for this awesome people*

After the show, we were given a change to ask a few questions, sort of a mini conference of sorts.
Thanks for the experience.

However I couldn't go about as to why such a script was written? 

What was it for? It felt like it wants to make you feel angry because of the in equality of the past.

I think ultimately, I really should take this as another form of entertainment as clearly answered by the cast during the interview that it is solely based on personal perception on how you want to see something.

Well here is my opinion..

"It is understood that it is a rushed production, but there are clearly a lot of mistakes that should not happen. The actors show great attitude in bringing the show forward and I gratefully thank them for giving us their best, of course there are room for improvement and I believe all this is achievable through constructive criticsm and honest opinions." 


Henry Lee said...

seems like a very rush production ey... the poster looks good though. Their backdrop damn cheapskate laa... they need to hire better stage manager and script writer i guess

Jasemaine said...

Heya Benjamin!

Just dropping by to say a BIG thanks for your honest and thoughtful review on the musical. I'm sure your feedback will benefit the production team for their future projects.

Thank you for braving the jam and poor weather to be at the musical. Really appreciate it :) :)

Looking forward to work with you again in the near future. Thanks!!


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