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Monday, December 5, 2011

A visit to the dentist

Well I am sure SOME of you know that I have been making trips to the dentist over at the local university hospital or some people like to call it PPUM.

The reason is for check up and treatment, my dentist and her partner are students so they are using my teeth as one of their subjects (guinea pig sial) so everytime I come, they will check my teeth one by one.

I don't really mind because I like how healthy my teeth are. ^^

So my appointment was 10 am, took a few hour off from work to get here.

This is my second visit, the first one was a bit awkward, but now it's a bit friendlier .

reminds me of this meme *gulp*

After a little Q and A about my health they proceed to probe my teeth. 

Check on the gaps between my teeth using a rather sharp needle stick and if my gums bleed

She will say "BOP" which means Bleed on Probing, which sounds dam wrong.

So after checking they will write a report and diagnose the condition of my teeth and gums

Totally rocking the shades

Make sure you brush your teeth kids!

 My dentist and the partner. Don hurt me pls

Actually my teeth very nice wan. Meet me and I will show you
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After diagnose, I was told by their lecturer to do some gross scaling, which is a minor scale for this treatment

This was taken by myself when they scaling me. haha

I took not one but two pics. I am dam idiotic patient. haha

She was asking me not to #ssmax somemore. ish.~

Well thats all for my trip to the dentist, they didnt remove any tooth cause they are all healthy!

But got plak and a little swelling on the gums. 

Till next time,

Time to have a nestle Yogurt. yumzzz


Peeciella said...

Meet me and I will show you, then sempat promote twitter :P HAHAHA

missyblurkit said...

visits to dentist are always fun...for me at least. when was your last visit?

Koh Kian Fai said...

kanasai so syok ar you! hahaha

Mabel Lai said...

I need patients too! Btw, it's plaque not 'plak'. =)

FiSh said...

lol you even have a photographer to help you to take picture of you being treated by the dentist on the dentist chair huh?


Hilda Milda™ said...

Don't they think their 'ss'ness is disturbing them at work? :P HAHAH next time doctor visit or whosoever visit (touch wood) also can ss lah, so pro lah your skills :P

benjaminvai said...

@missyblur haha that was last week.

@kianfai syok sendiri

@mabel you can follow me on twitter and dm me XD. sorry for wrong spelling >=

@fish no la i took it myself wan haha took out camera phone and snapped. thats why dentist say i SS

@hilda haha i guess very seldom they get a stupid patience like me XD

Ken Wooi said...

did u just camwhore when you're on the "operation" bed? lol..

benjaminvai said...

Yes i did ken, lol

Choulyew said...

LOL @ ur "follow me on twitter" part. Sempat to promote hahahaa!!!

Edward said...

You looked pretty cool with those shades on! And you're very lucky the dentists seemed to have been very gentle with you! And what's even better is that you didn't have to get any teeth pulled! Now that's +2 for you!

Edward McNamara

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