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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shine Shine Car Wash and Nano Fresh Treatment

I own a Proton Iswara , second hand and 10 years old.

I name it dog dog or rather 狗狗, which also means doggy la.

Don't question my naming sense, it's very exquisite.


So being a second hand car and rarely washed I took the opportunity to give my beloved car a good washing and try one of those sterilizing fog things that are all the craze now.

The place I went to was located at the  Giant, Kota Damansara. It's one of those Car Park car wash services that lets you shop around while your car gets treated.

Here is the franchise that I went to.

Packs quite a history, kinda like how our ancestor come from China. LoL

The brightly colored orange sign board.

Fortunately for me , I did not have to queue as they just finished another car.

 They sure get to work quick, spraying the car with white foam and scrubbing it clean.

 Every part is cleaned and wiped to a spotless surface.

 The tires are cleaned and wiped nicely.

 A little shower helps wash the soap away.

 I bet Gou Gou is pretty happy at this moment. ^^

Question: How many workers does it take to wipe my car dry?

 Answer: Clearly one is not enough ^^ #likeaboss

 Here is the Nano Fresh Treatment machine, a tiny little box. Pretty easy to carry around.

Soon my car is smoked!!! call bomba please.

Here is a short video of how Nano Fresh works.

"Well , the car certainly feels cleaner and smells fresher after this session. I am Impressed"

"Nano Fresh Treatment purges and cleans your vehicle from unseen bacteria and germs. It also eradicates unpleasant car odour replacing it with a nice fragance and is also able to kill off insects that lurks in the dark unseen corners of your car. It is certainly one of the treatment that you must provide to your car from time to time so why wait!" will be having a deal with Shine Shine soon.

"(50% OFF) RM 50 for car wash, nano type and wind screen protector treatment instead of RM100"

So watch out for this deal coming your way!


Nikel Khor said...

seriously look very shiny

Antonio Sneed said...
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wanshen said...

This is the worst car Wash place.
Do not wash Yr car here. I repeat DO Not WASH YOUR CAR HERE

Rodney Tapley said...

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JohnRMay said...

Good. Gotta use this service on my Proton X70 2020

Ac Jitu said...

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