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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oyster King @ the Gardens, Midvalley.


Located at Lot LG-K-03B,
Lower Ground Floor of The Gardens.

Thats not the real signboard

This is the real signboard
Photo from

We always want to look for cheap and good food in a mall, and we go to the food court in seek of salvation.

At the LG of the Gardens, there is a a little stall that is name gloriously "Oyster King"
Looking at the price range of RM6 - RM10
It is a must try to see if it's a good choice for future dinners

 Oyster Fried rice, the oyster used was quite fresh, so i enjoyed it very much!

 Their signature Oyster Noodles, the flavor is really nice, really enjoyed this one!but i didn't order it.regret!

The amazing super La-La soup, nothing special but very enjoyable to drink.

So I will be dropping by here as a good option when I have to be at Midvalley! ^^

Here is the review that attracted me here, got more pictures and material in it! haha

"The food is alright, they did not have many choice but it suited my taste, coming back wouldnt be a surprise. They should improve more on serving size and standard of service. It's okay but can really be improved!"


Koh Kian Fai said...

good! Will try if got go MV hahaha

Unknown said...

i see no oyster at all lo! xD

Ken Wooi said...

yalo.. i see no oyster also lol

benjaminvai said...

oysters are like treasure, they underneath haha

Isaac Tan said...

Ooh. But not much oyster smell right? Not a fan of the fishy smell. Lol

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