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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muppets Movie 2011


"Be amazed and entertained as Walt Disney brings you back the Muppets, ready to show that entertaining is all about."-benjaminfoo

All i can say is Jason Segal really fit his character well, a grown man whose enthusiasm sparks the film to life even before it started. I believe not many would be able to replace him in this movie. It was a fantastic fun ride to watch him.

Amy Adams was below average considering her splendid lead role in Disney's Enchanted. but to be fair, her role was very minimal but could be done with more energy.

The muppets was.... what they should be, entertaining and delightful, full of the sparks of my childhood memory.

A simple plot , of saving a run down memory filled theater blended with a fresh and witty approach. It's impressive that such a simple plot could be entertaining in such a manner.

The flow was quick and snappy, moving from one scene to another, it wasn't tiring at all, it made it feel like there was so much more to be told. 

Of course, the best applause and a standing ovation to the puppeteers behind the muppets, amazing talents that have long been forgotten once again relived.

A great mix of modern and classic songs, i expected nothing less from Disney.

A cute collection of lovable characters with a simple but great way to tell jokes that would be otherwise labeled as unoriginal.

Smart dialogues and precision timing kept the movie fresh.

I simply enjoyed the film and the songs.

A classic retold in a classic way

There many cameos in the movie, can you spot them all?

Wrapping it up:
Family fun and a great laugh, feel good movie at one of it's finest. Once again, disney films are a great medicine for the tired soul, everyone should watch it, whether o not they know them.

Rating: 4/5

Watchable rating: 4.5/5

Critic Mode:

"Perhaps the greatest lesson in the movie is to stick together and never give up, a childhood show coming back to life and not losing it's original essence is definitely something to be happy about, I am pretty sure the whole team that produced the film are great fans of them. ".benjaminfoo of


Unknown said...

wow since when you started featuring bloggers one? thanks thanks, keep me there forever la hahaha

Peeciella said...

btw, next featured blogger. me k? hahahaha joking :D

Unknown said...

Worth rewatching again :)

Isaac Tan said...

bring me to watch it bro! :)

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