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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol (IMAX 2D)

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"The Fourth movie of the Mission Impossible 4 franchise, armed with the engaging Mission impossible sound track and possibly the most action packed movie in it's genre, get set for a ride of your lives, agents. IMAX perfected."

Tom Cruise once again takes on his legendary role as Agent Ethan hunt and gives out the same vibe he has as a highly skilled and witty agent that knows fear but chooses to face it rather then work around it.

Simon Pegg plays Agent Benji, his presence in the film is memorable and he definitely deserves a mention in making the movie even more enjoyable than it already was.

A simple retrieval mission goes wrong and threatens a nuclear war on the world.

The plot seems simple enough but the reason behind such a evil plan actually made sense. 
"To renew and evolve, we need to destroy and abolish"

With the IMF gone, the remains of the team must now figure how they can retrieve the file back with limited back up and equipments.

Brilliant CG effects and an absolutely great work on the Dubai scenes.

There were many new and unique ideas that were made and innovated to remove the film from the cliche car chases and secret undercover works.

Disguises with masks? puhleeeze.

Honestly, I dont fancy part 2s and above, but MI4 was really enjoyable an thrilling.

There were witty humour in it thanks to Simon Pegg who pulled them off close to perfection

"If you look carefully, Agent Ethan actually bumped in the main villian when he was infiltrating the kremlin at the beginning right after the Major asked for him the scan his ID"

Wrapping it up:

Certainly one of the most exciting and fresh movie of the year at the very least, so it's a perfect film to watch with family and friends for the festive seasons.

Imax Experience:

I actually watch the film twice, so I could compare the experience.

I watched it at Sunway Pyramid TGV newly built IMAX and it was an amazing experience, even better than those crappy 3D films that we were made to believe to have made an impact in modern movie experience.

The Sound was awesome packing 12,000 watts of pure sound hertz and a crystal clear screen that is 4 times the size of a normal movie screen perhaps even more and the seats were big and comfy as well.

It is definitely worth it to watch this movie in IMAX.

Rating: 4/5

Watchable rating: 5/5

Critic Mode:

"It's been sometime since I was impressed by any action flick so when I feel excited about it AFTER the movie , I am happy with it. The scenes were fresh and the ideas of action were executed nicely, a good thrill ride. ".benjaminfoo of

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