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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mfest 2011

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The inaugural Malaysia Music Festival or M-Fest 2011 is a unique music festival brought to you by GFW Urban Youth Sdn Bhd. Auditions were held in campuses and online for nearly two months to uncover some of Malaysia´s hidden talents. The auditions had attracted a number of foreign students

At a live audition on 22nd October, nine new talents will be selected to perform together with top Malaysian artistes such as Gary Chaw, Z Chen, Yuna, Victor Wong, Ah Bin, Bunkface, Danny One and Gin Lee at the music festival on 3rd December at the Cheras Stadium Badminton.

More than 36 songs, a diverse music genre, amazing crossovers and unforgettable collaborations between some of Malaysia´s finest artistes can be expected at the festival. US based folk star Yuna and R&B prince Z Chen will collaborate live for the first time on stage. M-Fest is set to put the best of Malaysian music in the spot light. M-Fest features an 8 piece live band.

"With such a great local lineup, it's pretty much going to be a great show. Each performing artist are both talented and great entertainers and much was to be expected from them."-benjaminfoo
I picked up a last minute pass from dear friend and blogger Yeong Boon and proceeded to the venue with Jayren.

 Well, my seat was smack in the middle (VVIP2). Must be a pretty good spot since it's so close to the stage.
Preparing myself for some really good music.

 98.8 fm was one of the official sponsers and radio station so it's expected to see their colourful van at the scenes, up there you can see them cat walking to receive some goodies ^.^

 Got in and sure enough we were seated right in front of the stage, as usual you can see people walking up and down the stage and this would probably be another 1 hour wait *groan* should not have rushed here so early!

Here is the brochure for the day, it spots a parchment like design much like the ones that beethoven or mozart wrote their amazing symphonies on. 
Pretty decent design and colour scheme chosen I must say.
But the inside was a wasted dump, all that was inside was sponsors not even an agenda or a list of the contestants. Blurg~

The 9 finalist got on to the stage, they were grouped in 3s to sing songs of different languages , very local songs. I was intrigued by their melodies, different tones but forming a melodic sound. 

It's easy to know who kick starts a concert simply by knowing the energy they often bring!
Bunkface highlights the stage with their songs, flushing from english to Malay giving a variety to sounds.
"The sad thing though is that there limited number of fans that were there, or even people who even know about them. sigh really do hope they get more exposure" 
 Kristal singing a song along with her guitarist partner, her voice is both strong and sweet. Great voice control, she is one of the top 3 finalist for Mfest 2011

 The stylist and awesome Yuna, stuns the crowd with her vocal talents, she is definitely a great singer and song writer, true gem of our local community.

 Victor Wong performing with the pretty finalist of 9 Tracy, she is also a friend of Jq Lee a fellow blogger.
Wonderful performance and they held hands close to the end <3

 Kristal performing with Zchen, even the sparks are flying wildly behind!

 After each partner performance, the local artists in turn sings a few of their own tune.

 TJ, 东于哲 or Thomas and Jack, collaborated with Move a local dance crew, they brought great energy on to the stage and show some good moves and synchronization.

 Popping locking and sliding~

 Reaching here i got no words to say, it was very engaging.

 My Favorite of the finalist,ATM  a group foreign students from Lim Kok Wing, they got nigerian, arabian, iranian, korean in the crew, mixing up great vocals and talented music prowess. These guys make me wanna move my body. *swagger*

 Later on they did a collaboration with Danny One, and they look so good on stage. happily jumping around and smiling singing and performing to their hearts content!

 The sexy Gin Lee, performing with the finalist of 3 , Ng Chien Chien, both of them possess similar vocals in the soft melodic genre, giving you an earful of sweet symphonies.

Bunkface came in later with another finalist and they rocked the stage with so much energy!

The results are as follow

1st : Ng Chien Chien
2nd: ATM
3rd: Kristal

Congrats to everyone as they really put on a very enjoyable show, if their performance weren't good I would have left 1 hour after the show began.

Recommendation on Improvement

I normally would not say it out loud, but the only thing that was lacking during the concert was the level of crowd energy. 

You have clearly some of the best talents of Malaysian music but the crowd was probably 1000 audience plus minus?

Lack of publicity? the only reason I was here was because my friend blogged about it. There was no signs of media mentions or even poster up at the local malls.

50% of the audience consist of the hardcore die hard fans of the performers.

It was sad to see how awesome performances such as that day get under used to entertain such a small crowd in such a large place. 

So little were the crowd that everyone at the Rock Zone were allowed to join the VVIP sections.

I would really recommend a better plan to up the publicity.

Since this is the first time, I really hope such event can be even more successful in the future because it is really a good idea and a well deserved cause.

"The performances were amazing and the energy by both the emcees and the artists were great, I just wished that there were more in the crowd to reflect the energy back. Hope you guys can do better in managing such a well meaning event!"

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