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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lunch at Qube Salon with a cafe on top

Recently went to lunch at a pretty unique place.

It's name was Qube Salon. Well you can call it Qube Cafe as well.


Well it is a rather nice hair salon at the ground floor, and just a walk up stairs you see will get a very homely cafe.

Didn't take much picture because there were a lot of people. Don't want to disturb their quiet lunch.

I really like the atmosphere. Very peaceful and calm.

Despite the amount of working people here. I felt like I was having a cozy tea time.

After a busy morning at work, it was really peaceful and calm to have my lunch there <3

 The Kitchen is open for all to see, very homely feel

 Even the Sofas are from Ikea very homely feeling, you can actually get the chairs at Rm399 at Ikea

*tilts head* haha 

Curry chicken and Nasi Lemak, very the awesome. 

Yang Zhou Fried rice, a very cozy dish indeed. 

Normally I don drink hot drinks. But this wan just calms me down.

The price is pretty ok for a place in Plaza Damas.

Located opposite of the entrance to Plaza Damas Shopping Centre.

"sometimes a meal like this really gives me smiles, just a cozy spot up in a corner of a buzy central, and a buzy life, I am sure many of you have a place like this, care to share?"-


Hilda Milda™ said...

A cafe above salon? Cool! Feel like having nasi lemak now :S

Nikel Khor said...

isnt a salon with their own cafe? quite unique one!

Isaac Tan said...

nice lunch there!

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