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Friday, December 23, 2011

Heineken Party Moments- the time that matters!

Christmas is just around the corner, the truth is that I have not been feeling much about it.

Christmas and New Year are just over the week and I feel gloomy.

So one day I just thought "screw this I am going to throw a party with friends".

Uncle Google is very useful at locating great venue for beer parties, and I landed on this website.

Everything about here is right, located in the middle of Sunway Giza a very happening location, near my place and it's also easy to get parking.

But the best part is that they serve Heineken beer, the premium beer which is also one of the favourite beer in my list and many of my friends as well.

So with a little click and a little tap on Sister facebook, a plan was set to throw a great Heineken party with my friends just to get every into the year end mood!

Reserved a table for about people.

Arrived after dinner and everyone ever so punctual over a booze party!

Arrived with a very bored look, but as the friends come and we started ordering Heineken beer towers.

I could feel the jingly mood rising up from within.

Our "buddy" for the night! I love it!

Pouring it in the glass prove to much of an effort, screw it!

I am seriously loving the tap, it's like magic! Free Heineken Beer Flowing out

YES! Heineken beer also has the power to change you into Ultraman.

 Before the Ultraman transformation

 Of course people Love to crowd around the middle guy (me), I think he is quite awesome, but only when he is around others. 

 Then I lost (On purpose), how else would I be able to enjoy more Heineken Beer?

Like I say, everyone loves the Heineken Beer Tower!

"The best thing about the whole night is that every came at different times, there was still work the next day cause we decided to have it on a weekday, most of us were tired after work, some hungry but once we came and enjoyed some Heineken , those tired faces and hungry stomachs just disappeared and what we had was definitely fitting to be called  true Heineken Party Moments!!"

Just a little more of the fun we had!

 Sometimes Heineken makes you a little happier =)

This party was sponsored by Heineken so that we could all have an awesome pre pre Christmas party to wipe away all those stress of the year.

Thank you so much!


Choulyew said...

nice! hahah thanks for the beer brothaaa!

Isaac Tan said...

nice writeup.. no photos of me, saddd.. lol!

benjaminvai said...

cause u no post in album haha

Charmaine Pua said...

Hahaha you lost on purpose eh?

EggieYeen said...

why posted my photosssssss? >.<

Cutebun said...

so fun wei!

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. u were drunk..

Ken Wooi said...


Randi said...

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