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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate 2011

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"In a time where the feudal lords of west and east fight to gain supremacy over the legion under the emperor, the civilians are caught in the power struggle and an outlaw fights for his own justice to eliminate all lords one by one"

I was relieved that Jet Li actually took a better role then his super saiya monk movie "The sorceror and The White Snake". He was decent in this movie though most of the action was cg-fied, although it mimicked the movements well but we would never forget his valiant martial arts in Fearless and Wong Fei Hung.

Someone else that you might take notice of is Kwai Lun-mei or 桂纶镁 , known for her role in the movie "secret or 不能說的秘密" whom she plays the lover of Jay Chou. She has certainly become an eye candy and her potential as an actress has certainly blossomed since those times. Even with her dirty tribal princess gimmick she looks stunning and cool at the same time. I am her fan now. woots!

A pretty straight forward story at the beginning but later on it developed into something too complicated for the normal audience.

It brought in the influence of an old chinese legend regarding a tavern in the the middle of the dessert that disappears and reveals a lost castle and treasures of an old kingdom.

A struggle for power turned into a treasure hunt and a subtle love story in between. 

There was certainly too many things going on and the whole thing lack character development assuming the audience to just make one up.

A movie that prides itself by shooting in full 3D, I believe the movie is only available in 3D, so it's gonna cost you more to watch it in Malaysia.

I am never a fan of 3D but they did a decent work on it at the beginning but towards the end it was either sloppy or unneeded because when you have swords flying here and there in front of your eyes you dunno what is happening.

As the for the fight choreography, it was very very very good. Thrilling even!

Certainly not the worst hong kong martial arts movie of the year cause we know where that award went.

They really need to stop chasing after hollywood and start to come back to their roots of classic martial art movies.

Would certainly be better if they focus more on a few dialogues then just running and flying and fighting around.

Wrapping it up:

If you like hong kong martial movie, this one is recommended but there are a few more better ones through out the year. Still the best in this last 3 months of the year.

Rating: 3/5

Watchable rating: 3/5

Critic Mode:

"The script could be improved to ensure a smoother transition between scenes, the fight scenes are impressive and the different fighting styles are very unique as well.".benjaminfoo of

1 comment :

Xue Ren said...

I wanna watch this!!! Jet Li weyy! :D

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