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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addar Arab Express

Essential to any cooking in the Arabian Peninsula is the concept of hospitality and generosity. Meals are generally large family affairs, with much sharing and a great deal of warmth over the dinner table. 

Formal dinners and celebrations generally involve large quantities of lamb, and every occasion entails large quantities of Arabic coffee.

In an average Gulf Arab state household, a visitor might expect a dinner consisting of a very large platter, shared commonly, with a vast amount of rice, incorporating lamb or chicken, or both, as separate dishes, with various stewed vegetables, heavily spiced, sometimes with a tomato based sauce. 

Most likely there would be several other less hearty items on the side. Tea would certainly accompany the meal, as it is almost constantly consumed. Coffee would be included as well.- Wikipedia

Addar Arab Express, isn't just your ordinary Arabian food restaurant!

Once the launching has been done, they will be rolling a service that many would not dare to try, which is a delivery service for the food. I am really excited to see how will they manage such a good idea!

Invited to try out some of their main chicken and rice so look no further here they are!

 This is the Golden Braised sauced chicken, the colour alone makes it appetizing!

 Looks like a rather normal roasted chicken but the meat is very tender and has a great flavour for the meat. Delicious!

 Spiced chicken with sauce gives a good broth to mix with the rice the taste is okay as well!

 This chicken is a bit more salty but great for taste , not sure what's it called but it has a satay sauce like sambal.

Three types of sauce to be used for the chicken and rice, 1 spicy and 2 non spicy. The sauce has a rather strong taste to it.

The golden briyani rice is always the heart of Arabian food, you can see that the rice does not stick together so it provides a rather unique feeling when consumed.

"I only had a small glimpse and taste of the food here but it was very satisfying in the sense of flavour, I would definitely look forward to some of the other things in the menu the next time I drop by!"-

Location: Location : G31, Platinum Mondrain Mall, PV128 Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, KL

Known landmark:
It is on the same building as Over Time KL along Jalan Genting Klang, it is at the back part of the building.


Unknown said...

no mutton wan?? but the sauce looks good

Nikel Khor said...

The chicken look really attractive.. Like it photo shot..

FBS Headmaster said...

The food looks tempting!

Btw, You have been invited! Do come early for a good seat!

Unknown said...



benjaminvai said...

@eric yea lo they didnt let us test the mutton =(

@nikel it's very tender lo

@daniel yea they do!

shii teck said...

Iranian food!i love the way they cook the meat but not the rice.

bendan said...

Ar?? All chicken?? Not even beef and mutton? weird then... it this an iranian restaurant? WTF

FiSh said...

i love the golden iranian rice! at my university, there are plenty of iranian restaurants until i jelak makan those foodstuff except their rice!


Merryn said...

briyani rice! long time tak makan. must try over here one day :D

Charmaine Pua said...

Golden Braised sauced chicken looks extremely appetizing!

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