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Sunday, December 4, 2011

7aste Moscow @ Laundry Bar , Curve

7aste is probably and event where they bring in delicacies from a foreign city and let you experience the flavor of a different nation.

I guess that would probably be the initial idea.

This was my first 7aste event, even though I was really looking forward to it cause I missed the previous few. It was my first, and sadly it left quite a bad taste in my mouth.

But as I always say, things always go well when you are with good company. and so we did have loads of our fun, not because of 7aste but ourselves.

Dear readers, I present to you, A Night at 7aste, Curve.

 Here we go, first up we register.Kah Mon is the VIP so she invite me de. Xie Xie ~.~

 Each VIP gets one bottle of vodka to either drink or take home lu.
Aku tak ada, sangat sad. Had to wait someone to open theirs. haha Thx Jackie!

 A little look at the surrounding, very blue 

 Taken when most people are still stuck at Jams or eating their dinner.

 Cigerrets were iced for I dunno what reason but it was cool.

 Looks some people were already chugging down some good ol Vodka.

 Now here is the mix station, Mix of the day is a drink call Kamikaze.
It's dam thick and gaolat but smooth. One shot already I felt the heat.
When the tiger beer was low on stock I came here only to be hoarded by different people.

Cheers 1- some foreign guys
Cheers 2- people i met a while back
Cheers 3- random strangers
Cheers 4-some random girls
Cheers 5- rich looking uncle

I HAD FREAKING FIVE SHOTS HERE, lol. went back to my table feeling the impact of it. good stuff.

The had like this russian dance performance, don't look professional at all. but i like the effort.

"How's the event benjamin?"

Erm, it was actually disappointing la~ 

The thing that bug me the most is the lack of moving space, I like Laundry bar for it's cozy atmosphere, but using it for such a big crowd was a bad idea. It became so dam stuffy by 10pm and 

Jun Fook was like half dead in his designer sweater,poor dude

The rest was having a hard time to move and we had to go to the bar to replenish our Tiger beer free flow, I had about 14 bottles so imagine going there and back. ish!

The only 7aste I got from Moscow is Vodka. The finger food that was circulating didn't even see outdoors. 

But of course, it's always important to bring friends! and bring lots of em!

I really hope they can actually understand what it takes to keep people happy and partying.

At least they switched to a better party music mix when the Dj came up.

I heard some previous wan was good and some were bad. so i guess this one drops in the bad section.

well, would have been better if we had more space to move and groove and breathe. 

here are the happy pics of the night with the people around!

Photo credits to:

 It's easy to tell what time this was, i say about 11pm plus cause isaac came around that time hahah

The blue glow is pretty neat 

With the MHB gang, lol. *bangga* #ssmax 

 What's up people!!!


And the my friend, right in the middle is Kian Fai with an " awwwww yeah"

Really awesome one Kian Fai!

WAIT! ! ! ! ! !

The picture above seem so normal, where the epic faces?

Got la !

right here!



 Look at all the red faces!

or should I say


"As I always always say, bring a group of great friends and no event is boring! We still had fun! and oh we celebrated Jia Yeen's birthday after that at the mamak as well!- benjaminfoo

Happy birthday JiaYeen!


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's ok la. At least got drinks. :)

Nikel Khor said...

Free Flow beer i LIKE!

Henry Lee said...

weih that seriously looks like kian fai... shitty place to organize this 7aste event. Free flow too short compared to the previous one but the best of all... there's more friends this time! Awesome!

Peace Out!
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Anne Lee said...

when it gets too crowded, will feel sienz... tak boleh jalan.

Hilda Milda™ said...

Seems like there's still fun despite the event was kinda disappointing.

Isaac Tan said...

wahahaha, i like kian fai's expression alot! :)

Merryn said...

muka merah merah still can go mamak! cool man! :D kian fai.. lol!

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