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Monday, November 7, 2011

You are the apple of my eye(那些年,我們一起追的女孩)


"Everyone have that youth, where other den study and going to school, you have that sweetness of love, of intimacy , of bond. Watch as aspired writer Giddens relives his images of his high school crush till the present and how it all unfolds in his life, something that is very much be related to ourselves, a heart hearting yet heart warming truth of how youth must be."-benjaminfoo

A group of talented taiwan young actors and actress portrays each character that was written well and gives you the sense of empathy for you to fully feel for the film itself.

It is because the cast was able to be so much into character that you feel that it is you in it as it is a story of how youth have been for many people.

Heart warming because it is all true, down the very last drop of pain and happiness.

Heart aching because it didn't end happily ever after but rather something much bigger than that.

A story based on the encounters of the author with his past to his present, that surely happens to many people before making the story much more engaging den anything else

Well timed dialogues and action gave the film the realism it needs to portray both the sadness and the happiness of the moements that happened.

Love this movie to bits, call me a sissy, call me sentimental, this movie blasted me and hit me so hard that i felt a part of me died and melted knowing that, yes i felt close to the same way as well.

Knowing that it is such a good film adapted from the book itself that was written based true happenings, that when you think of it, are very likely to have happened.

Wrapping it up:
Everyone should watch it, specially the teenagers and young adults.It leaves a bittersweet taste in the heart, but it all ends with acceptance. 

Rating: 4/5

Watchable rating: 5/5

Critic Mode:

"Funny, witty and engaging, the characters are so true, based on a book written about the truthful encounters of the author that may not strive far off from what is happening or have happened to the audience as well, the film and the book was not made to impress but rather made to acknowledge it's readers and audience that it happens..".benjaminfoo of


SiMon Har said...

I was very touched when the lead male character cried near the ending :(

bendan said...

Thinking not to watch it already one coz not every cinema got it right? Teeeheee.. XP

Xue Ren said...

i wanna watch this! heard that its a very nice movie! :)

benjaminvai said...

these are the special screenings, official out date is november 10th haha

Nikel Khor said...

When and where is your first date? waaka

Isaac Tan said...

yep, heard good stuffs about this movie too XD

FiSh said...

it's nice, i've watched it yesterdae and can't stop thinking bout the high school fun time :)

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