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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What would Puss in Boots do?

Puss in Boots

Looks like Puss in on his on this time.

Shrek is busy with his family after all.

So Puss meets with Kitty Softpaws and joins up to defeat the bad guys, but two kitty does not really have a good chance of winning evil wizards and ancient demons and giant typhoons.

But no worries! because all cats stick together and Puss know his way around, due to his networking skills he has been to countless realms and worlds helping people and need, and this time his friends will come to his aid.

Here are the heroes that has come to aid dear Puss and his feline companion.

Fearless , buff and not like cats anymore, the Thunder cats owe Puss a favour 3 years back when they were out of milk to drink.

After singing the jolly Thunder cat theme.

Thundercats Intro HQ from Peter Dyamo on Vimeo.

They rush into the Headquarters of the bad guys they storm the castle and take down the evil people around and triumph over them.

Keeping the world a safe and better world.

Everything went smoothly thanks to strength of the thundercats and the swift fast agility of Puss and Kitty plus the great blessing of the Cat Goddess.

note: cute picture as per mentioned XD

<3 neko.

Photo thanks to check out his site! awesome stuff.

special thx to fresh as Cat Goddess  ^^


Isaac Tan said...

lol nice cute picture. Good luck bro

Merryn said...

muahahhahahaha! I so love the last pic of XinXian! That is so gonna WIN this!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha last picture is surely a decision maker for this contest~


Kahmon said...

Hahahahahahaha~ Xinxian should have copyrighted her photo.

Thundercats... LOLZ, I can't even recall any of the story adi, just remember their songs. XD

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Hahaha! No worry mate, nice meeting you too. BTW all the best on winning the movie tix :)

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