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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tri-Factor Glam Night 2011


You don't know what is this?

Check out this link to give you a heads up of what I am going to post

So back to KL Live again , last time i came here was for this

So this time I am here to see chicks on the runway!

Before that I was at timesquare waiting for time to pass with the rest

Its the Tri Factor Glam Night, organized by the Help University students for a night of classy fashion, stunning photography and rockable music. 3 in 1 combo for an awesome night.

Arrived slightly early, as everyone gathered at the entrance, there was a backdrop and we instantly take advantage of it. Take picture like no tomorrow, that's everyone's passive skill haha, the memories are to last.

 Mix and match around

 All the hunky guys

 One more time from another angle
Elwyn, Henry, Tony, Shawn, Jackie, Jayren, Eric, Benjamin, Isaac

All ladies as well.
Melissa, Caroline, Jiayeen, Qian, Qiwen, Bendan, Sherry, Erika, Janice, QiTyng, Nana and her sister

After much picture taking and mingling around, we went into the hall we were served with finger foods and beverages.

Kesian the people carrying it, sure heavy lo, nvm we help them settle fast fast.

Makan la, don't care filling or not. =)

Due to the limits of my gadget, i will leave the story telling of the events to these people below. click the links provided to go into your prefered blogger.

 Caroline is here to tell you her story ~

 Jackieloi has some great shots of the models~

 Kelvin is ready to show you what happened~

 Bendan aka Kah Mon wrote 3 blog post on this! awesome!~
Qian will be showing you around in her mandarin blogpost ~


Event ended and we went out, and had a little more fun! haha


Toothpaste advertisement

 With the balloon girl

My favourite pic of the night.

Hope you guys enjoy this post.

"Events will never be fun if you don't go with friends, it's a known fact!"-benjaminfoo

Photo thx to Jackieloi, Eric,Henry,Isaac and everyone else as well.


Koh Kian Fai said...

Nice & Impressive :P

N/A said...

Wow! So nice :D

Unknown said...

DAMN IT!!! My stomach is showing!! I decided not to love you till die anymore!! lol

benjaminvai said...

LoL. where got, no one see oso

Isaac Tan said...

nice bro. Very unique. and you took the time to collage our friend's blog post. Awesomeness!

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