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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seeking Justice

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"What would you do when your love one was murdered,raped or sodomized by a criminal, how would you react when a random stranger comes to you and say " we will help you handle this, just need a small favour for you later on" would you accept this? 

Nicholas is in yet another high paced action running here and there movie with the same expressions and weary breathing, he plays his ownself very well, but when he goes into character, meh there was no character for him. He plays a calm and kind hearted teacher at a school of delinquents.

January Jones although hot, needs to work on her expressions because i have a hard time sympathizing her bad experience in the film.

Guy pearce was probably the only one who did a better job.

I feel that the story was used and used again , pitching an innocent man who made a mistake and now on a run from both the cops and the not so good organization.

It told a draggy and predictable story.

Both action and soundtrack was bland. very mellow and quiet, nothing much to be excited about but did not make you go boo. It was just normal.

Why would you be running around the city looking for the truth when you are already being hunted down. Why not just leave town and no one will bother you any more. No attachment in the story, bring your wife and leave.

Your wife was a victim when she was alone at the beginning of the story, why the heck would you still leave her alone so many times later on. You were asking for it.

Wrapping it up:
Looks like another high strung trailer turned bad, if the story writer added a little more tension and background it would have given it a better edge. There are better movies in the cinemas than this.

Rating: 1/5

Watchable rating: 1.5/5

Critic Mode:

"You don't just make a movie about things that people won't do, there are so many things that were just so unreal that it's like a bad lie. 80% of the things that were done and happened would not happen even in other movies or action films.".benjaminfoo of

This screening was thanks to my boss mr Shaun Lee and Red.Fm

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