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Friday, November 25, 2011

SausageFest Finale 2011!

For those who STILL dunno what is this all about check it out here

So as the poster goes, I head to curve.

Went to the registration counter and saw the same girl who registered for me last week, dunno her name though, anyone ?

Awesome smiling people =).

Of course just like last time, Sausages on sale for Charity!

To keep us entertain and keep on buying sausages the bands were great and gave us the hunger pangs!

First up was Seconds to collide, the vocalist is call Ryota if I am not mistaken, he was very passionate and full of passion in his expression while singing his lungs out. They play a really good tune, but I think there was something wrong with Ryota's Mic, he did his best. Good job! 

Here is there facebook page


My favorite band of the night, An Honest Mistake.

Lead by Darren and Sheryl, the band consist of a electric violinist Danny who was pretty awesome!

Love their energy as you can clearly see they are very eager to perform and entertain the crowd.

Really love how they can head bang max! Sheryl is like a born head banger!

Darren's trademark Guitar spin was pretty amazing too.

Facebook Page : An Honest Mistake / AHM

 Love the headbang!

 Darre 's got some shadow technique here.

Following up we have the Car Crash Hearts

They weren't listed in the agenda but I guess they support sausagefest so much they didn't mind to rock us!

"Awkward" was my favourite song.

They did really well, and they entertained us with small talks making us laugh so much. * epic face*

Facebook Page: Car Crash Heart

Here we have the ones that opened for Incubus Concert this year.


These guys are experience performers so they are ready to rock the stage.

Love their song "politics"

Mr Nick was clearly left and right on the stage that night! Fans were cheering for them ever so loudly.

 Although blur, I feel that this picture has a certain feel to it.

Here we have an awesome spunky band with the longest name I have ever heard

" Once upon a time there was a sausage name Bob"

even giving them a short form would still be long ^^

They are now two years old. 

Everyone was awesome, and they sang a song that was very familiar to me as well
it's called " Shut Your Monkey"

I've uploaded some videos on youtube as well check out at my Channel

The great thing about this band is that , they like to interact with each other on stage smiling and bumping into each other, gives a very very friendly and smiley moment to everyone.


Sausagefest was pretty awesome if you ask me, hopefully start society can continue to organize such events in the future to bring more local talents uniting for such a good cause.

keep up the good work START!

START is also having a flea market on 26th November come and join them !

before I end tis post

Here is the gang who came and support!


"I love it when I see people doing the things they love, kinda like me blogging and documenting memorable moments, it's a great feeling and I believe passion drives success, so we should never let anything stop us, slow us down maybe but never stop us, our local bands are really great and they deserve more attention and support to fuel their motivations and like them, we should follow our dreams and goals as well, not matter how dim you think it will be you got to shine on!"-benjaminfoo


Koh Kian Fai said...

this time punya sausage nice or not LOL

benjaminvai said...

*shake head* but performance and environment was great hehe.

Hilda Milda™ said...

Durex freebies again! :P

bendan said...

@hilda, yea... Benjamin can no need to buy "it" for few months already. LMAO!!

Oh... looks fun juga, but "shake head" for the sausages, hmm...

Charmaine Pua said...

I thought the sausage is supposed to be RM 5 each. I wonder why they lowered the price.

Unknown said...

good environment :D @pua li ping the sausage degraded leh! i prefer the RM5 lol

Isaac Tan said...

nice bands there :) I met that registration lady again at another event, and she repeated her name to me.. but now I forgot again. OMFG, my memory fail.

Choulyew said...

wheee! i kinda like the sausages though. LOL maybe cos it was the only food there haha

benjaminvai said...

@hilda but this time don have the key product leh

@bendan charity ma, no need so picky, but they are really not so good, u got good eye

@Charmaine so people will buy more. without much thought, haha

@richard nvm la. good cause ma. i enjoyed the night

@isaac haha. i didnt get her name the first time =( malu

@choulyew you were hungry la ahhaha

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