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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sausagefest! A Charity Event

"Sausagefest is an event organized by Start Organizations is in general to help underprivileged kids discover and nurture their hidden talents in fine arts and performing arts!"

After a little chilling at the workplace, YES! chiiling. 

I head off over to Jaya One, The Bee to support the cause. 

Prepared with a heart to listen to some unplugged sonnets and meeting up with the other bloggers I arrived about 8pm and to the predictable society of Malaysia in which we are all in, it was late to start.

No worries. 

 Well, at least we did get our goodie bag sponsored by the forever trustable brand Mr Durex, but their signature product was not included in it. ='(

Getting ready and the wait is always the most dreaded thing, but around 8.30pm everything was good to go.

Here is out witty Emcee who later gives out some easy prizes!

Below are some pictures of the performances.

Playing a large list of their own songs, our local musicians are pretty awesome, I do hope they will continue in their musical journey to provide us with better entertainment and music. 

The bands present are listed in the poster above as I was too busy enjoying the music and the company that I had to actually take picture, very cozy atmosphere although it was packed at some point.


Forgotten about something!

So the sausages are for sale and proceeds will be donated to the funds.
Rm 5 per sausage it's for a good cause!

Of course, some of my great friends are there as well. 

So why not head for next weeks bigger Sausagefest happening at Laundry,Curve

See you there alright!

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Unknown said...

Durex and sausage? LMAO hahaha

bendan said...

LMAO!! What is Durex Signature product?? Hahaha.. sounds so disappoint for not getting it.

Aww, looks fun.. missed. ='[

Hilda Milda™ said...

Woots, somehow avante is a part of this whole sausage fest too? O_O The guy on the most right in the last band pic was someone from avante too, meet him ystrday at the durex roadshow. No wonder got durex goodies bag HEHE

Koh Kian Fai said...

hahah Hilda suddenly so stalker mode, *scary*

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