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Thursday, November 17, 2011



There is always a feeling inside of you that breaks apart every now and then.

It's like a mirror, cracking into shards big and small.

Will you be able to mold it back into one fine piece that is originally was?

Chances of that are next to none.

We often forget that these broken shards in it's smaller forms,
Continues to reflect images to you, it might be small and insignificant
but it is still doing the same thing and no matter how small it becomes it is still doing it's job.
never giving up.

So I guess when I think I am broken ,
I should always remind myself that I am broken into different smaller fragments,
but I should still move on and never give up.


"Often in life we face adversity and abandonment, but we never should give up and think things are over, focus on what you want and not what you didn't achieve, the success is not measured by results because results can be faded and forgotten, but the journey to success all the hardship you endured by not giving up are the things that should matter.Don't be afraid of fruitless efforts, harness the experience from it."-benjaminfoo


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Any kind of Life experience in itself is a form of reward.

Unknown said...

damn emo post wei!! but i always believed that it is the smallest details that made that much of a it life or our everyday product.

Isaac Tan said...

true that bro.. true that

hui min said...

dun so vain lar pls... leng bao geng liau~

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