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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nelayan Village- a little more than just steamboat @ Sunway Giza

Located at the highly packed Sunway Giza,

On The same row as Beer Factory and Cookbook

Nelayan Village is a Buffet style themes around steamboat and various other methods cooking to serve a variety of people with different food preferences.

 This is Jerome the Operations Manager

 See that Jia Yeen sibuk sibuk.

The sign to show you good food and happy times. ^^

The place was very classy as the ingredients were arranged very nicely for both presentation and the ease to pick the things you like.

 A perfect L  to help you see everything that they have to offer.

 Seafood, Lamb, Chicken , Beef, these are some of my favourite things~

Wantons and crab fillets. 

 On the side there are more ingredients like mushrooms and fishballs

Eggs and Cuttlefishes, they have yong tau fu as well.

 Before we start, appetizers were provided as well, this is curry lamb, awesome stuff

 Deep fried prawns and squid anyone?

Assorted fishballs dipped in epic curry soup, it's taste sipped into the fishballs.

After that we proceeded to grab all the ingredients we can find.

and here is the result of it all

There were more than this.

Just to highlight something else that is really cool about this place, you can actually pick the things like fish chicken and beef to ask for them to cooked it different, fry them , grill them, even cooked them differently like Kam heong prawn.

It's making me wish I was back there now.

 A more traditional steamboat pot was used, the soup was very nice as well.

Here is where the grilling and bbq-ing is done. 

 What's steamboat with out a large variety of sauce right?

This is their house specialty chili sauce, you mix the raw egg with. it is dam nice! *thumbs up*

And here we have MY FAVOURITE of the night.

Grilled lamb
Seasoning is very good, and it isn't not too dry. Fresh and nicely marinated. I just couldn.t have enough of it. You ask the chef to cook it whenever you wan, so it's hot and crunchy just the way I like it.

After chomping down all the gourmet food. 

One should never forget about the dessert!

A chocolate fountain for you sweet tooths.

and of course unlimited supply of ice-cream.

Opened only for a month, Nelayan Village will be bringing in more addition to the already glorious variety of choices. So do watch out for this potential new gathering spot!

Recommendation: 4/5
Improvement: Bigger tables.

"A great place to bring family and friends, less hassle of bbq-ing your own meat, they wil do it for you, excellent service, classy atmosphere and fresh ingredients, this place is a must for future gatherings."

Visit their facebook for more info!

They are currently having promotions that are Rm 39.90++ per head,

Seems a bit steep? trust me that extra RM10 is worth every dime.

and like i always say, food taste better with great company.

but HEI! don't worry because 

will be having a deal with them real soon. so check them out!

Sorry this pic a bit blur >.<.


Baboon Tan said...

Compare with Umami, which one better?

Koh Kian Fai said...

kind of sick with steambot now LOL :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

I thought you just had steamboat that day :P I was just about to ask the same question as Baboon did HEH I think this one has grill one, but umami doesn't right?

Isaac Tan said...

new nice place here :)

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