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Friday, November 4, 2011

Launch of Selangorlicious Foodster Chinese Blogging Competition

Picture Thx to Isaactan

Selangolicious! is up in their awesome tricks and this time, how about a chinese language blog competition about the foods of Selangor?

I was invited to witness the launching of this awesome competition.

The launching was held at MY cookbook at Sunway Giza, the restaurant is also know as a Modern Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant and is available in 3 floors each floor with it's own design.

Upon registration, we were ushered to the top floor which was labeled MY private room.

The private room was a very cozy and compact place maybe fitting for 50- 70 people at one go comfortably! As you can see the lighting was also altered to give a more cozy atmosphere.

The launching kick started with mentions by the lovely Ms Ivy, followed by speeches from the head of this event and from pass winners and experience food bloggers and the owner of MY cookbook, sharing insights of food blogging and the future of our local delicacies.

A demonstration by the head chef of MY cookbook, showing us how the Lemang shaped Chicken rice is made.

After this, we were treated with some of the food of MY cookbook to treat our already growling tummy.

.Egg Appetizers, Yam cake, Fried Satay, Chicken Rice , Rolled up Chicken and servings of Lemon grass Juice were the main menu of the day.

Each of it has that very homely taste to it, modeled to look good and taste good, these dishes are local delicacies designed to appeal to a more classy crowd.

DIG IN! Food is always great with buddies!


So if you write blogs in chinese, or you know friends who do, pick up your cameras and notebooks, pick up a place in the Selangor area that you love and write away and you could be winning great prizes.

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Isaac Tan said...

awesome posum! :)
Good luck to all those entering this competition!

Nikel Khor said...

You will join this competition? Good luck yo

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