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Thursday, November 10, 2011



"Human souls are immortal from the start, if you are pure and righteous than your immortal souls will earn a place among the Gods, the war of the Gods, fought by humans."-benjaminfoo

This was probably one of the worst casting i ever seen in a long time, why did you go and pick a bunch of possibly future or ex boyband members to act in a Greek war film. Despite the fact that there were some scenes that they had no choice but to get dirty, other times they were just so clean/

There was so much obvious modern dialogues and slang in the movie that really put people off and I don't think the term "your majesty" was use in this era.

So straight forward and illogical that It took me sometime to actually adjust my self to it,  Using a handful of Gods and an obvious trend from the film 300 where giant armies are trying to power through the smaller ones.

Hero makes sacrifice, becomes stronger and later something happens. *yay*

Probably the only thing i like about the movie was the fights, I notice that it was different from 300, it is more speedy and focuses more on some style fighting.

The sound was not bad as well.

There was not anything special to take note.

Focus too much on the gore factor, i felt like i was being fed with scenes after scenes of explicit violence (not that i hate it) but some are just over used.

No bow = No war. 

It seems that the bow was useless in so many ways

The costume design was very bad, u get people wearing balls on their head.

Wrapping it up:
Best not to watch it in the cineme, the censorship sent the whole movie to heaven. There was a bad ending as well. The story is personal preferences. have fun guys.

Rating: 1/5

Watchable rating: 2/5

Critic Mode:

"A theme that could have been used to make the film way more enjoyable but instead was not really captivating, great effects but i would not pay to stay for another.".benjaminfoo of
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Unknown said...

The decapitations are nice though :D

Koh Kian Fai said...

I like the way Theseus encourage the army and fight against it, at the fight between god and titan was cool. Only doesnt make sense that Zeus killed his son by breaking the law.

FBS Headmaster said...

rating only 1/5?! Omigosh... was hoping to see some epic-ness!

benjaminvai said...

Yea head smashing was fun to watch.

Other den that nothing much

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. i miss one more movie..

Unknown said...

censored? ok la...time to download

febri said...

Wow, really low rate film.. hmmm, yeah from your review looks so not interesting...

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KY said...

guess i won't waste my time on this.

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