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Friday, November 11, 2011



Looked up and saw this scene whole driving, took out my phone and snapped it. I did quite well.


Hidden behind forests and clouds.

Taking gentle steps in the path of life,

Certain individuals walk a lonely path even if not alone physically.

The soul is hollow, like the cold winter night.

It is said " the happiest one around is the loneliest"

Would it stand true?

Welcome to the other corner of, the first of many awakenings.

*smile* you know how I look like.

The paths we take are never identical
Do you want to keep find a path you planned
Or would you like too embrace the changes and unpredictable cloudy futures
Adore and hate you might be carrying, but no one except you can be


Elwyn~! said...

Nicely put! Respect to you bro!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Really nice scenery! Like something is gonna appear behind that big light LOL

Unknown said...

wow... did you take that pic yourself?

benjaminvai said...

yeap, taken with HTC DESIRE HD.

Isaac Tan said...

nice photo bro. Pro pro..

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