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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Finale 2011 @ MIECC

To know more about this awesome event check out the link below

Here I was at the Finale stop of HA 2011, one of the biggest party around town.

Walked in and immediately you can find Henessy served here and there.

Let's grab a glass shall we?

One glass for me please pretty lady


When you are still sober, you can stay out here for these coordination games called mixing stations. ^^ 

Oh hei let's grab another one.


Okay time to go in to the party zone. 

*open eyes big big*

 look at the increasing crowd!

 oooo pretty stage

 super bright lights.

 Dj wont you play that funky music.

 So much rocking even I was out of focus.

*close eyes* 

*open eyes*

*blink blink*

 Oh here is our seats.

 who are this * vision still blur* don care la must be awesome people.

Ok who turn off the lights. 

*close eyes*

*open eyes*

 nailed that awesome pose!

 Everyday I am ~errrr~ shufdanrolling.! dish bish dish bish!

 It's always fun and more fun with these people!



*shakes head*

*calmed down*

fuuuuuh what a night!

Henessy Artistry was really awesome, and I am glad i went with awesome epic people.

Like i always say, everywhere is good with good company!

So be sure not to miss the next one!

Check out better pictures at the blogs below!


bendan said...

LOLz~ U definitely drunken and looks crazy in the pic. Hahahaha, can't stop laughing adi, never see u like tat woh! XD

kuromeowiie said...

so lame la your post XD

benjaminvai said...

no good pictures must be lame lo. hahah

Kahmon, i m always this happy ma. haha

Elwyn~! said...

epic~! super epic~! super duper only ben can do it epic~!

FiSh said...

so fun of partying there :) wish to attend but i had another celebration that night


larissakoh ♥ said...

Hey ben! Hope you don't mind if I steal a few of my pictures here :P Thks :)

benjaminvai said...

Hei Larissa,

I would be honored ^^

N/A said...

So fast update ady! :D

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