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Monday, November 21, 2011

Freedom 360, Hear your screams @ KL Live

"Got myself some invites to KL Live for the Freedom: Scream Your chocie Party, I was greeted with many ghastly yet awesome decorations and creatures!"-benjaminfoo
Info can be seen here of course-><-Info can be seen here of course

 The most important things you need at an event is taking pictures. 

Check these out!

A little Ghouling around at the entrance

 *gulp* lets take a look inside

 Screams can be heard from time to time

Looks like a lot of effort being put into the deco!

As the deejay crank up the music the crowd goes wild!

 Look at that crowd!

 Dj anyone?

Crank it up ! 

 Everyone say heyoooooo!

 Gotta love this pic!

Cant hear you over the awesome noise! 

Some were wasted alright ^^ 

The stage looks pretty cool!


Lets take a group photo!

*turns around*


Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

*runs runs*




Phew made it out alive!

Gotta love hanging out with them!

"Once again another great outing, a cool event with a detail on deco, brings out the theme well, watch out for all the other freedom events happening at a place near you!"

Here is their website and facebook page

Photos without the "" watermarks are taken by the official photographers of the night. they are awesome.


Isaac Tan said...

XD this time around, you were sober! probably the monsters got to u! :P

Wawa Kyoko said...

Nice at the same time scary..but the lady face 1 so funny when the ghost trying to kill her from the back like i can feel it..hahaha

benjaminvai said...

haha , she was actually helping us take picture.

den the chucky came over. so it was a picture of the moment thing ^^

FBS Headmaster said...

Hey I like the clubbing pictures! And the red devil :D

Unknown said...

honestly, i'm already stuck at the first few photos.. XD

looks very happening haha

Xue Ren said...

wow! so scary one?? =O

bendan said...

Hahahahah~ Lotsa nice photos here!! Cool!! *punch* like like like...

Btw, u got the last pics. Pfffttt!! I thought no one will snap it. Gaghr!!

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